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At Quality Bailiffs we operate across the entire Greater Manchester area and are proud to deliver our trusted and experienced bailiff services to continually meet the diverse demands of our clients in the area.

Using our extensive knowledge of, and active time in, the industry, we deliver a variety of bailiff services throughout the Manchester area and ensure our trusted, award-winning service meets your expectations every single time.

With our knowledge and experience diverse, we provide three high level services in and around Manchester:

Manchester Trespasser Services

Traditional bailiff services in Manchester

Debt Recovery Services throughout Manchester

Using our extensive time in the industry to confidently provide services that exceed expectations and deliver results, our office in the centre of Manchester offers the perfect location from which our entire team deliver our bailiff services throughout Greater Manchester.

Direct support with unwanted trespassers in Manchester

Regardless of how large or small the plot of land you own is, you’re unlikely to want trespassers using it, particularly on any type of permanent basis.

At Quality Bailiffs, skills, knowledge and experience arms us with the ability to deal with all forms of trespassing issues, and ultimately ensure you have your land provided back to you - free of any unwanted beings - as quickly as possible.

Efficiently evicting travellers from illegal sites in Manchester

Is there an unauthorised encampment of travellers on your Manchester-based land who you want evicting?

Trespassers evicted

Easily one of the most troubling issues land owners potentially face is unauthorised encampment. Be it a small group of individual travellers or a large-scale traveller family, the resulting damage of their illegal sitting can be costly to repair.

Ensuring you can confidently exercise your common law right as a landowner to evict them from your land, we take full control of the entire process, preparing and serving the necessary notices to the trespassers, detailing the requirement for them to vacate the site.

If a physical eviction is necessary, we make full arrangements with Greater Manchester Police and work closely with them to clear your land of any unwanted trespassers.

Being fully aware that trespassing can be a frequent occurrence, once we’ve returned your land to you, we have the ability to offer support and guidance to prevent, as much as possible, any such events happening in the future.

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Eviction of Manchester-based squatters and protesters

Whilst a protest might have peaceful intentions, if it takes place on private property and isn’t wanted, the protesters can be forced to leave

Enforcement Response Vehicle

Given the openness of the city, protests of all sizes are more commonplace in Manchester than in many other areas in the north.

Generally harmless, when such protesters or squatters chose not to move on afterwards, our eviction service can help to ensure the prompt removal of them from your land.

Our Specialist Enforcement Response Team are fully trained eviction bailiffs who know exactly how to deal with everything from difficult entries and lock-ins to emergency first aid giving and conflict management. Serving writs of possession to the relevant parties, the land or property will then shortly be returned to you.

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Horse and animal removal from Manchester locations

The seemingly harmless housing of a horse or other animal on your land can actually result in unexpected damages and costs

Horse Eviction

Whilst many often think unwanted trespassing is solely by humans, the truth is it can be just as common for animals to be on your land without permission.

Generally in relation to horses, the Control of Horses Act 2015 provides land owners - or the companies they hire on their behalf - with the ability to remove any fly-grazing horses from their Manchester land.

An efficient and effective process, our local enforcement agents first serve the appropriate 96 hour notice and keep the horses on site throughout the period. Completing a full health and safety risk assessment, this includes ensuring the horses have adequate food and water throughout the duration of their detainment.

With the relevant authorities notified, our central Manchester bailiff team manage all and any communication with the horse’s owners.

And should the horses not be moved on by their owners after the 96 hour notice period, arrangements are made for the horses to be removed from your site and given to a new owner, placed into livery storage, homed in a horse charity, sold at auction or as a last resort, humanely destroyed.

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Recovering your assets with our Manchester-based bailiff services

Be it commercial tenants who are forfeiting a lease but not moving on, or lost personal items that can now be recovered further to high court enforcement, our Manchester office work around the clock to recover your assets.

Commercial lease forfeiture in Manchester

If a commercial lease ended but the tenants haven’t vacated the property, we can help

Being one of the biggest cities in the UK, Manchester has a considerable commercial element to it. As such, we often see tenants not moving on from their rented property after the lease has been forfeited.

In these scenarios, our Manchester team visit the site with an experienced locksmith to change the locks and secure the site (which can include actually gaining entry, if needed). Providing you with keys to the new locks, our enforcement agents will record the contents of the site and formally serve all of the necessary notices to the prior tenants.

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Manchester commercial rent arrears recovery

Have your commercial tenants not paid their rent? We have the ability to help you get your money back - for free

Being a commercial landlord with tenants who have rental arrears, UK law favours you, as it’s possible to recover the outstanding rent without the need to go to court - or without any cost to yourself.

Beginning by serving a Notice of Enforcement to detail the necessary next steps, if this expires without action from the tenant, our Manchester enforcement agents will proactively attend the property and legally take control of any goods to the value of the outstanding arrears (as well as any charges).

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CCJs and High Court enforcement in Manchester

If you have successfully gained a judgement from a court, we can enforce it on your behalf

Should you have had the need to apply to the court for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and have now had it granted, the next step to take is to use it to recover any money you’re owed.

Importantly, if you transfer your case from the County Court to the High Court (which is possible for any CCJ over £600), the law here in the UK details that a Certificated Enforcement Agent - a bailiff - can act under the supervision of a High Court Enforcement Officer to ensure the full recovery of money for you.

As our experienced, Manchester-based team can take all of the relevant steps to recover the debt for you quickly and easily - something that’s often achieved via the sale of the debtor’s assets - we also have the topical, industry-relevant knowledge to ensure full recovery of any suitable assets where needed to cover not only your outstanding balance, but all of our relevant costs and fees.

An effective process, there are a number of initial steps you need to take before we act on your behalf - click here to read full details of our CCJs and High Court Enforcement services.

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Recovering debt from businesses and individuals in Manchester

It’s unfortunately the truth that many businesses and individuals are owed money from others. Many of us are accommodating of small delays in payments and it’s only when payment doesn’t happen at all that things can be problematic - but we can step into the process and help you recover the debt.

Recovering business to business debts in Manchester

When business debtors aren’t paying, UK legislation is in place to support you

Being a Manchester-based business, legislation exists around late payments that can help to protect you against other businesses who decide not to pay any of your outstanding invoices.

What this means is debtors are required, by law, to pay interest on the outstanding balance and reimburse you the reasonable recovery costs of the creditor if the relevant invoices aren’t paid on time.

Understanding some encouragement is often needed, when businesses don’t respond after reminders and collection letters, at least one of our Manchester office enforcement agents will attend the business premises with a view to recovering the monies in person. Should payment not be made, we will escalate the task, including to the point whereby our team of knowledgeable solicitors become involved, ultimately ensuring the payment of any relevant assets to cover the outstanding debt and appropriate costs.

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Manchester-based statutory demands

We can confidently deliver and follow up on demands for payments on your behalf

If the money owed to you is more than £5,000 (from an individual) or £750 (from a company), our talented Manchester-based enforcement agents follow the Insolvency Act and work to ensure payment is made within just three weeks of issuing a statutory demand.

As bankruptcy or insolvency looms if the debt isn’t settled, the statutory demand and ongoing involvement is often enough to recoup the monies that haven’t been paid.

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Visits and legal proceedings throughout Manchester

We offer full support in a range of scenarios to companies considering debt recovery

Hired by various legal and property companies in and around Manchester, our services here are very often utilised to provide strong, solid foundations that are needed to build a case.

With our team visiting debtors at their property to better understand their situation - and to encourage debt repayment where possible, so no one has to go to court - our team of enforcement agents deliver to your requirements, whether that’s to continue communications or to build a more complete picture to help determine the most suitable course of action.

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Our latest news and insights from our Manchester bailiff team

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When a local authority in Manchester had travellers on land near a local park, they asked Quality Bailiffs to help. The following morning the caravans were successfully evicted.

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Lease Forfeiture Manchester

We received a completed instruction form from a solicitor regarding the possession of a commercial property in Manchester. Many of our regular customers simply send in a completed form without calling us first as they know we will contact them by return and confirm their instructions. It saves them time.

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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Manchester

One Friday morning we had a call from a landlord who had used us before. He had a tenant in arrears. An added complication was the tenant had just declared himself bankrupt. Was there anything we could do?

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County Court Judgment Manchester

Quality Bailiffs provides a personal service for customers. We do not use a call-centre to answer calls. Your call is answered by a Manager with practical experience of doing the job.

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