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Using our considerable knowledge of the industry, we deliver a range of High Court Enforcement & Bailiff services in Reading and throughout Berkshire. We continually ensure our award-winning service delivers to your needs.

Our Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement officer carry out work regularly in Berkshire covering Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham, Sandhurst, Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Newbury, Thatcham, and the surrounding area.

Our experience allows us to provide services that cover three key enforcement areas:

High Court Enforcement & Bailiff services

Have you successfully gained a judgment from a court? We can now enforce it on your behalf.

CCJs and High Court enforcement

Has a commercial lease ended but the tenants haven’t vacated the property? We can help.

Commercial lease forfeiture

If your commercial tenants have failed to pay rent, we can help you get your money back - for free.

Commercial rent arrears recovery

Trespasser services

Do you have an unauthorised encampment of travellers on land you own and require a fast, efficient eviction? We can help.

Traveller and trespasser eviction

A protest may have peaceful intentions, but if it happens on private property, it can cause you expensive problems. We can make the protesters leave.

Squatter & protester eviction

You are responsible for the welfare of illegally grazing horses or other animals on your land. We can help remove them legally and quickly.

Horse Removal

Debt recovery services

If you have business debtors not paying, legislation is in place to support you. We can help.

Business to business debts

We deliver and follow up on statutory demands for payments from both individuals and companies.

Statutory demands

We can offer support to companies requiring debt recovery visits.

Visits and legal proceedings