Specialist Enforcement Response Team

Do you have Squatters and Protesters?

As a company providing High Court Enforcement services Quality Bailiffs are able to quickly execute Writs of Possession against squatters or protesters using our Specialist Enforcement Response Team.

For highly sensitive and difficult cases we use our specially trained Specialist Enforcement Response Team, SERT.

Where you have multiple protesters or trespassers being aggressive and disruptive we have a very professional team that specialise in these cases.

The Specialist Enforcement Response Teams are trained to a very high standard equivalent to the Police Tactical Support Unit training. This is level 2 public order & level 3 handcuffing.

Specialist Enforcement Response Team

Our teams are experienced and trained to enter buildings and gain access to land to remove squatters and trespassers including protesters & travellers.

Specialist Enforcement Response Team

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Increased public order risk

Quality Bailiffs recognises there is a growing need to provide this removal expertise, to avoid delays in removing protesters. Speed of action is important to reduce the risk of further damage to the property or site.

Emergency Response Vehicle

Where Enforcement Agents face significant physical resistance and public order risk, and police force resources are stretched the Enforcement Agents and accompanying police may risk injury from missiles being thrown at them. This particularly applies when the Enforcement Agents are trying to overcome obstacles that are blocking their access to the building and land that they have been instructed to recover.

The SERT team are trained eviction bailiffs that have also been trained in how to deal with difficult entries, lock-in’s, emergency first aid and conflict management.

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Out-of-hours Emergency SERT Service
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