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Operating throughout Maidstone and the wider Kent region including Canterbury and Thanet, our bailiff service is trusted and respected, and is built upon strong foundations of high performance, meeting our clients’ needs time and time again.

Using our considerable knowledge of the industry, we deliver a variety of bailiff services in Maidstone and continually ensure our award-winning service delivers to your own needs.

With our experience allowing us to provide services that cover three key areas in Maidstone, these are:

Trespasser services in and around Maidstone

Traditional bailiff services for Maidstone residents

Maidstone-based debt recovery Services

By using our extensive time in the industry, we have the ability to confidently provide effective services that meet expectations and continually deliver results. Our office in the centre of Maidstone, only a few minutes from the M20 motorway, provides the perfect location for our team to provide our bailiff services from.

Support with unwanted trespassers in Maidstone

As a landowner in Maidstone, irrelevant whether of it’s a small plot or many acres, the last thing you want is to have trespassers making use of it - especially if they decide to take up residence on it.

Fortunately, the Quality Bailiffs team in Maidstone have the experience, knowledge and skill set to be able to deal with various forms of trespassers, helping to get your land back to you in a state where it’s free of any unwanted persons or animals.

Evicting travellers from private land in Maidstone

Do you have travellers encamping without authorisation on land you own in Maidstone and need a prompt eviction?

New age travellers evicted in Epsom

As a particularly troubling hurdle for any land owner to tackle, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small group of lone travellers or a large traveller family, the resulting damage further to their illegal residency can be extremely costly to rectify.

A frequent problem in and around the Maidstone area, with our Quality Bailiffs service, we help you exercise your common law right to legally evict the travellers and take full possession of your land. Leading on the entire process, we prepare all of the necessary notice documentation then officially serve it, effectively explaining that there is a legal requirement for them to move on.

Taking every appropriate step necessary, if a physical eviction is required, we make full arrangements with Kent police to have their support in clearing the site of any unlawful residents.

And appreciating that trespassing can be a regular occurrence, after returning your site to you, we are able to offer full support to reduce the likelihood of such unwanted travellers from entering your land in the future.

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Eviction of Maidstone squatters and protesters

Whilst protests might have a peaceful focus, if one takes place on private property, it can be unwanted, and as such the protesters can be forced to leave

Enforcement Response Team

Being only 30 miles from London, the commonality of protests in the capital can quite easily spread to Maidstone and the wider Kent area. They may not be as frequent as they arguably once were, but they without doubt still take place regularly.

Should such protests result in individuals or squatters who chose not to move on, we can provide a service to efficiently evict them from your land.

With our Specialist Enforcement Response Team fully trained in the eviction process, they know how to deal with everything from difficult entries and lock-ins to emergency first aid delivery and conflict management.

Delivering writs of possession against the relevant parties, the land - or property on it - is swiftly returned to you as the owner.

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Horse and animal removal from Maidstone locations

Although placed on land by their owners, the unwanted housing of horses or animals on private land can easily result in unprecedented issues

Commercial Eviction

Many often think that unwanted and illegal trespassing is something only restricted to humans. However, it can be just as much of an issue when it’s an unwanted animal on your land.

Generally in regards to horses, the UK’s Control of Horses Act 2015 provides land owners with the opportunity to detain and remove any fly-grazing horses from their Maidstone land.

Delivered by bailiffs on behalf of the land owners, we aim for a particularly prompt and efficient process, with a local enforcement agent starting by serving the appropriate 96 hour notice. Keeping the horses on site during the process, a health and safety risk assessment is completed and it’s confirmed that the horses have suitable access to food and water.

With the appropriate authorities notified, our Maidstone team manage all communication with the horse owners, and if the horses aren’t removed by the owners once the notice period has ended, arrangements are made. These will be to remove the horses and house them with a new owner, place them into livery storage, give them to a horse charity, be sold at public auction or where no other option is possible, destroy them humanely.

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Recovering your assets with our Maidstone bailiff services

From regaining access to commercial property after tenants have forfeited the lease but not moved on through to recovering personal items after a high court enforcement order has been issued, our Maidstone bailiffs work around the clock to recover your assets, or the value of them, as quickly as possible.

Commercial lease forfeiture in Maidstone

Do you have a commercial lease that has been forfeited, but the tenants are still in situ?

As a large town in the popular county of Kent, there is a strong focus on commercial businesses. As a result, we unfortunately often see commercial tenants forfeiting their leases, yet not vacating the property, either fully or wholly.

In such situations, our Maidstone team physically visit the site with an experienced, local locksmith to gain access to the property, change the locks and ensure the site is fully secure. Our enforcement agents then record the contents of the site and deliver all of the required notices and documentations to the prior tenants.

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Maidstone commercial rent arrears recovery

Have your commercial tenants failed to pay rent? Our service can recover your money, for free

Being a commercial landlord with tenants who have generated rent arrears can be both frustrating and worrying. However, current law exists in your favour, making it entirely possible to recover arrears - and this can be achieved without needing to attend court and without any costs from yourself.

With the process beginning by our Maidstone team of bailiffs serving a Notice of Enforcement, this details the next steps that are being taken on your behalf, and what the tenant needs to do to ensure the process doesn’t move to the next stage.

Should this expire without any tenant response, our Maidstone enforcement agents will visit the property and are able to take possession of any goods to the value of your outstanding arrears, as well as to recover any charges (i.e., those for our services).

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CCJs and High Court enforcement in Maidstone

If a judgement has been successfully received from a court, it’s now time to enforce it

Should you have been in a position where there was a need to apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) - and it was successfully granted - it now needs to be served and enforced to ensure you can recover the money you are owed.

Importantly, if your CCJ is to a value of at least £600, you can transfer your case from the County Court to the High Court. Once this takes place, law in the UK explains that a Certificated Enforcement Agent - a bailiff - can act on behalf of a High Court Enforcement Officer and actively recover any outstanding debts for you.

A process our knowledgeable Maidstone team can take full control of, we will follow all of the appropriate processes to recover any owed debt promptly. Generally through the sale of the assets of the debtor, our team has the professional knowledge to recover appropriate assets to not only cover any outstanding balances, but any associated legal and service fees.

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Recovering debt from businesses and individuals in Maidstone

It’s a common scenario for both businesses and individual to be owed money. Often amounting to considerable levels, whilst many are comfortable with small delays in payments, it’s when payment doesn’t happen in any form that our services are hired to help you recover the debt.

Recovering business to business debts in Maidstone

If your business debtors are not paying, legal processes exist to force the repayment

Being a Maidstone business, legislation is in place with regards to late payments, which can assist with protecting you from the effects of unpaid invoices.

Meaning debtors need to pay interest on the monies owed - and reimburse any appropriate costs related to the recovery of the debt - our team work constantly to ensure such repayments are made.

Proactively recovering the debt, if the debtors do not respond to official collection notices, our Maidstone enforcement agents will attend the business premises in an effort to recover the debt in person. However, should payment still be refused, the process will be escalated and our experienced solicitors are involved, ultimately backing the collection of any assets to an appropriate amount related to the debt and service costs.

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Maidstone-based statutory demands

Demands for payments from both individuals and companies can be effectively and efficiently delivered, followed up and enforced

If you are owed money from an individual that is at least £5,000, or £750 from a company, our team of Maidstone enforcement agents strictly follow the UK’s Insolvency Act to enforce the payment of any debt within 21 days of a statutory demand being issued.

As bankruptcy and insolvency is possible, should any relevant debt go unpaid, we often find that the official delivery of a statutory demand can itself be sufficient to encourage immediate payment.

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Visits and legal proceedings throughout Maidstone

Full support in a variety of formats can be provided to companies implementing or considering the recovery of debt

Having close working partnerships with numerous legal and property companies throughout Maidstone, our enforcement team are often utilised to provide full support both during the enforcement of debt recovery, as well as when building a case against an outstanding debtor.

Starting by attending a debtor’s property to understand their situation - and as much as is feasibly possible, to encourage immediate debt repayment and reduce the likelihood of court attendance - our team of trusted enforcement agents work to your exact needs, whether that’s to communicate with a debtor or to prepare information for a legal case.

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