Removal of Unauthorised Encampments

Do you have an unauthorised encampment on your Local Authority land and require fast, efficient Removal?

If the answer is Yes, we have the solution.

As a Local Authority you use Sections 77-78 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to remove unauthorised encampments.

You visit an unauthorised encampment when you become aware of its existence and seek to gain agreement of them to leave. If there is no acceptable agreement you gather information to go to court to obtain an eviction order.

At this stage you may serve the order on the illegal encampment or instruct a Bailiff company to do so on your behalf. Responsibility for eviction lies with the local authority which can instruct a Bailiff company to carry out the eviction.

Quality Bailiffs has many years experience removing unauthorised encampments across England and Wales.

Unauthorised Encampment Service

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Out-of-hours Emergency Eviction Service
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What happens next ?

  • Your traveller eviction case is loaded onto our online management system.
  • The system emails you confirmation of your instruction for a traveller eviction.
  • One of the team will allocate the case to our nearest Bailiff / Enforcement Agent.
  • A traveller eviction notice is prepared and sent to our agent to serve upon the trespassers. This is completed the same day or within 24 hours.
  • The Certificated Bailiff / Certificated Enforcement Agent when serving the notice will assess the situation and determine the exact nature of the encampment and the numbers of our National Eviction Team required to carry out the eviction safely within the law and health and safety legislation.
  • We arrange video units, security units, dog teams, tow trucks, etc as the circumstances require.
  • We can arrange if required for video units, security units Dog teams and Tow trucks etc.
  • Arrangements are made for support with the local Police for an eviction the following day.
  • The land is checked the following morning. If the trespassers remain then the eviction team is sent in to carry out the eviction.
  • The Traveller eviction team will clear the site of trespassers and will liaise with the landowner regarding the counter measures they are putting in place to avoid a return.

The removal of trespassers service is done on a fixed fee basis on a scale determined by the amount of caravans or vehicles.

There is a fixed fee for the service of the eviction notice, and a separate hourly rate for the eviction.

Private Landowners

Quality Bailiffs provides a Trespasser Eviction Service and a Horse Removal Service for private landowners.