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Being one of the UK’s most trusted bailiff companies, at Quality Bailiffs we’re delighted to serve the entire Darlington area with our full range of bailiff services.

The whole Quality Bailiffs team in Darlington has considerable industry knowledge that stretches to every component of the services delivered and the finer details of all legal components. Knowledgeable and experienced, our trusted team provide the services you need to deliver the results you want.

Our Darlington Office covers the north-east including Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland) and Yorkshire (including Barnsley, Bradford, Chesterfield, Grimsby, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield, York).

Covering three high level areas, the bailiff services our Darlington team provide are:

Trespasser services in and around Darlington

Traditional bailiff services for Darlington residents

Darlington-based debt recovery Services

Having the ability to draw on industry experience that spans numerous years, we are entirely confident in our ability to deliver services that always meet the differing needs of our clients. What’s more, our Darlington base provides us with extremely easy access to a wide area in the region, with the main A1(M) and A66 roads just moments away.

Removing trespassers in Darlington

Being a landowner, the last thing you want to have to deal with is people on your land who are there uninvited. But if someone is on your land without permission, they’re committing a crime - which is most notably known as trespassing.

With our experienced Darlington team having the ability to tackle any form of trespassing, we can provide a very swift and efficient solution to trespassers on your land.

Evicting travellers in Darlington

Travellers who are sited on land illegally can be effectively and efficiently moved on

Traveller Eviction Darlington

The encampment of travellers is a worry for land owners. Frequently seen with large traveller families, the extent of damage that can be caused is well-documented and rectifying this alone can be extremely costly for land owners.

Although it can be difficult preventing travellers from trespassing and taking up residence illegally, landowners do have the law on their side. As a landowner, your common law right means you’re able to evict any travellers who haven’t been granted permission to be on your land.

Working closely with both individuals and businesses in Darlington, we carry out the entire traveller eviction process quickly and promptly to ensure you retake possession of your own land with as few problems as possible.

Offering a full service solution, we take control of everything from delivering the relevant notices to the travellers to discussing the issue with Durham police for their support when a physical presence is required to actively evict the travellers.

Knowing that traveller trespassing can be a common problem in the area, our team can work closely with you to reduce the risk of trespassing on your land causing issues in the future.

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Evicting Darlington squatters and protesters

Having issues with protesters and squatters? The law dictates they can be removed from private land


The process of protesting isn’t illegal. Often encouraged, Darlington may not see as many protests as in bigger cities throughout the country, but when they do happen and they’re on private land, as the land owner you have the option to remove them if you wish.

With our Darlington team being trained and experienced eviction bailiffs, we swiftly provide a service that deals with everything from difficult entries through to conflict management.

Serving the first writs of possession against the protesters and/or squatters on your land, the Special Enforcement Response Team in our Darlington office will promptly ensure any unwanted persons are removed from your land.

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Horse and animal removal services in Darlington

Housing horses or other animals on private land is illegal - and if not tackled quickly, can cause unnecessary problems for all involved parties

unauthorised horses grazing

Although the trespassing issues our Darlington team most often deal with are in relation to humans, it’s not uncommon for the team to be hired to deal with unwanted animals, most frequently horses.

The Control of Horses Act 2015 gives landowners the ability to remove any fly-grazing horses from your land in Darlington. Beginning by serving a 96 hour notice to the horse’s owners, at this point the horses are detained on site. Ensuring they’re safe, secure, fed and watered, if they aren’t removed within this 96 hour window, the Darlington team will make arrangements for the horses to be moved to alternative accommodation.

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Recovering your assets with our Darlington bailiff services

Regularly supporting commercial and personal clients alike, our team of Quality Bailiffs in Darlington can take full control of the asset recovery process, providing the results you need effectively and efficiently.

With positive working relationships established with solicitors, we are able to take all of the necessary legal steps to recover your assets (or those to the value of them) in what has proven to be a particularly streamlined process.

Commercial lease forfeiture, Darlington

Do you have commercial tenants not vacating property once their lease has ended?

Although being a commercial landlord can have a multitude of benefits, it can also bring with it a number of headaches - and tenants refusing to vacate a property after their lease has been forfeited is a perfect example.

When such instances happen in Darlington, the local Quality Bailiffs team make all of the necessary strides to get you back in possession of your property.

Serving the relevant notices as a starting point, the experienced team work with a reputable, local locksmith to gain access to the property and subsequently change the locks so no unwanted entry can be achieved.

The enforcement agents then go on to record the entire contents of the property and communicate with the previous tenants. Ultimately, however, you will be back in complete possession of your property after what can be a particularly short time.

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Recovering commercial rent arrears across Darlington

When commercial tenants decide they won’t pay the rent that’s been agreed, we can work to get your money back to you without any fee from ourselves

All commercial landlords have their own preferences in terms of how lenient they will be with tenants and keeping up-to-date with payments. Whilst most tenants will pay on time, there are some who simply won’t pay, for whatever reason that may be.

A difficult time, your only option is to take action - and the good news is UK law is entirely in your favour.

Having the aim of ideally preventing court time, the process begins with our team serving a ‘Notice of Enforcement’ to the company, explaining exactly what steps need to be taken. For many, having this notice served is enough for the arrears to be settled - but if this doesn’t happen, our experienced team can seize the business’s assets up until the point the arrears and any relevant fees are paid.

And as these ‘relevant fees’ can include ours as the bailiffs, the entire service can be provided free of charge.

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Darlington-based CCJs and High Court enforcement

After you have secured a judgement from the court, it’s time to have it delivered and executed

Should you have been in a situation that resulted in a County Court Judgement (CCJ) needing to be applied to from the court, receiving it is only part of the process - it then needs to be served and enforced to have any real purpose.

Working in close collaboration with local clients, once you have transferred your case from the County County to the High Court (which can take place on all CCJs that have a value of at least £600), the Quality Bailiffs team at Darlington are able to take complete control of the CCJ and execute it for you.

Being a Certificated Enforcement Agent, we act under the supervision of a High Court Enforcement Officer and take all appropriate steps to recovering the money owed to you in a fashion that is quick, efficient and requiring little-to-no involvement from yourself.

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Recovering debt from businesses and individuals in and around Darlington

If you’re in the position of being owed money by a business or individual in Darlington but they appear to have stopped repaying it, our local team can move forward confidently to quickly recover all outstanding debt.

Darlington business to business debt recovery

Does your business have debtors who aren’t paying, and you need the money back in your account?

Two decades ago legislation was brought in in the UK to tackle the issue of late payments. The legislation entitled small businesses to apply interest on any debt from large firms and public sector businesses that went unpaid. Just a few years later in 2002 and the legislation was rolled out to include debt from other small businesses.

When hired, under this legislation our Quality Bailiffs team in Darlington take initial steps forward to clearly highlight to the debtor that they will see interest on the amount they owe, and will also be liable for the recovery costs of the debt if it continues to be unpaid.

Being experienced in debt recovery, if responses to reminders and collection letters are not received, our agents attend the property with a view to recovering the debt in person. However, if payment continues to be unpaid, the debt is furthered to our team of solicitors who can make it legally binding that the debtor needs to repay the outstanding debt and all relevant, incurred costs immediately.

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Executing Darlington-based statutory demands

Our team are able to offer complete support when delivering and enforcing statutory demand notices

When statutory demands are issued, the Insolvency Act here in the UK lays out a clear path for the debtors.

Focused on clients who are owed money that is over £5,000 from an individual or £750 from a company, our trained team in Darlington work to the Insolvency Act rules and make it clear that payment has to be made within three weeks.

As the only other option for many is bankruptcy or insolvency, the statutory demand being issued is often all it takes for the outstanding monies to be repaid.

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Direct visits and legal proceedings within Darlington

The Quality Bailiffs team in Darlington can deliver numerous support services to companies and individuals alike who are looking to recover unpaid debt

In close partnership with various legal practices and property companies in and around the Darlington area, our bailiff services are regularly chosen to assist when creating the strong foundations required for a legal case to be built on.

Having the aim of reducing the likelihood of a court visit unless it’s without doubt needed, our services are often hired to help companies best understand if a debtor is actually worth litigating.

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Our latest news and insights from our Darlington bailiff team

What can we do about the goods left behind after a forfeiture?

If after lease forfeiture a tenant has left goods in the property, then they still own the goods. The goods cannot simply be disposed of by the landlord.

The goods inside are covered by Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. However, there is a solution.

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