Horse & Animal Removal Services

Do you haveĀ un-authorised horsesĀ grazing on your land?

The Control of Horses Act came into effect in 2015. This act has been welcomed by landowners, business and local authorities. For those of us that provide specialist bailiff services in this field it has been a breath of fresh air.

The Process

The standard procedure is as follows:

  • Serve the required 96 hour notices.
  • Conduct a full Health & Safety risk assessment, including checking the horses have adequate food and water. Watering visits are undertaken as required.
  • Detain the horses on site.
  • Inform relevant authorities.
  • Photograph horses and notices in place.
  • Our bailiffs will then deal with any telephone calls that come as a result of the notices.
  • If horses have not been removed after the statutory time limit, the ownership of the horses reverts to the landowner.
  • Arrange for the horses to be removed from site to either a new owner, livery storage, given to a horse charity, sold at public auction or humanely destroyed.

unauthorised horses grazing

Horse Removal Service

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The Costs

The removal process divides into four phases:

  • Prepare and serve statutory notice. Handle calls from owner.
  • Complete Health & Safety report.
  • Complete second animal welfare visit.
  • Disposal of the horse.

We take instructions for each phase separately, and charge only for the phases we undertake.

If we are instructed to prepare and serve the notice we will undertake the health & safety inspection at the same time without additional charge.

It is best practice that the notices and welfare of the horses is checked after 2 days. If we are instructed to undertake this a witness statement can be prepared in case of any future legal dispute.

If you require us only to dispose of the horses we will need to undertake a Health & Safety report before we can do so, for which a charge is made.

How to instruct us

Contact our subsidiary company The Animal & Horse Bailiffs.

Full Service Benefits

  1. Our notices are legally correct and approved by our local authority clients legal departments.
  2. Our notices have all our contact details on as approved certificated court bailiffs and a reference number so people can ring and check they are genuine.
  3. The owner of the horses can see you have gone to the trouble of hiring professional court registered bailiffs so are more likely to take you seriously.
  4. In the event of any legal dispute you will need an independent professional witness to back up that everything has been done in accordance with legislation.

Where to detain the horses?

The horses can be detained on or off site immediately at the time the notice is served.

Detaining them off-site will involve significant expense for collection and livery storage.

Most clients choose to detain on site. It is by far the cheaper option.

In 9 out of 10 cases the actions taken encourage the owners to move them before the 96 hour deadline expires.