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With Quality Bailiffs operating across the entire Greater London area, we are proud to deliver our trusted and experienced bailiff services to meet the demands of our clients in our capital city.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of, and active time in, the industry, we provide a vast array of bailiff services throughout the entire London area and ensure our respected, award-winning service delivers to your specific needs.

With our knowledge and experience covering three key areas, these allow us to provide three high level services in London:

Trespasser services in and around London

Traditional bailiff services for London residents

London-based debt recovery Services

Using our extensive time in the industry to be able to confidently provide services that meet expectations and continually deliver results, our office in the centre of London provides the ideal location from which our trusted team deliver our bailiff services throughout the entire Greater London area.

Support with unwanted trespassers in London

As a land owner, regardless of how large or small the plot is, you do not want trespassers making use of it, particularly not on a permanent basis.

At Quality Bailiffs, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deal with all forms of trespassers and have your land provided back to you free of any unwanted persons or animals.

Evicting travellers from illegal sites in London

Do you have an unauthorised encampment of travellers on land you own in London and require fast, efficient eviction?

Trespasser Eviction London

One of the most troubling and worrying challenges land owners of any type face is unauthorised encampment. Whether it’s a small group of individual travellers or an established, large-scale traveller family, the damage that can be caused as a result of their illegal sitting can be devastating.

At Quality Bailiffs, we ensure you exercise your common law right as a landowner to evict them from your land and regain full possession. Taking care of the full process, we prepare and serve the necessary notice to the trespassers, informing them of the need for them to leave.

Followed up by the full and proper means, should an eviction be necessary, arrangements are made with the Metropolitan Police, or the City of London Police, for the complete support to clear the site of any trespassers.

Knowing regular trespassing is a common occurrence, upon returning the site to you, we can offer support and guidance to reduce the likelihood of such trespassing from happening again.

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Eviction of London-based squatters and protesters

A protest may have peaceful intentions, but if it happens on private property, it can be unwanted - and the protesters can be made to leave

SERT Team transport

We appreciate that in London in particular, protests are commonplace and whilst legislation has resulted in a notable decrease in squatting, it does still exist.

When such protesters or squatters decide not to move on, our eviction service ensure the swift removal from your site.

Our Specialist Enforcement Response Team are trained eviction bailiffs that know how to deal with difficult entries, lock-ins, emergency first aid and conflict management. They will serve writs of possession against the relevant parties and the land or property will soon after be rightfully returned to you.

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Horse and animal removal from London locations

Whilst placed on the land by their owners, the seemingly harmless housing of a horse or other animal on your land unwillingly can actually result in unprecedented damages

Fly Grazing Horses in London

Although we often think of unwanted - and unlawful - trespassing being solely by humans, the reality is it is just as common to have animals on your land that you do not wish to be there.

Most often in relation to horses, the Control of Horses Act 2015 gives us the ability to detain and remove any fly-grazing horses from your land in London.

Very often a prompt and swift process, a local enforcement agent begins by serving the necessary 96 hour notice, detaining the horses on site throughout whilst also completing a full health and safety risk assessment, including confirming the horses have adequate food and water.

During this period, the relevant authorities are notified, and our central London team take full control of any communication from the horse owners.

Should the horses not be removed by the owners after the 96 hour notice period, we arrange for the horses to be removed from your site and given to a new owner, put into livery storage, given to a horse charity, sold at public auction or as a last resort, humanely destroyed.

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Recovering your assets with our London-based bailiff services

Whether it is commercial property further to forfeiting a lease but not moving on or personal items that can be recovered further to a high court enforcement, our team work tirelessly to take the necessary actions further to legal proceedings and strive to recover them, or the value of them.

Commercial lease forfeiture in London

Has a commercial lease ended but the tenants haven’t vacated the property?

With such a high volume of commercial properties in London, we frequently see tenants failing to move on from the property once the lease has been forfeited.

In these instances, our London team attend the site with a reputable locksmith to change the locks and secure the site (and gaining entry to it in the first instance where necessary). Providing you with keys to the newly fitted locks, the enforcement agents will record the contents of the site and serve all required notices to the prior tenants.

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London commercial rent arrears Recovery

If your commercial tenants have failed to pay rent, we can help you get your money back - for free

As a commercial landlord with tenants who have amassed a notable amount of rent arrears, current law is in your favour and it’s possible to recover rental payments, both without going to court and without incurring a cost to yourself.

Starting with the serving of a Notice of Enforcement that details the required next steps, should this expire without any action from the tenant, our London enforcement agents can attend the property and lawfully take control of any goods to the value of your outstanding arrears (and charges).

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CCJs and High Court enforcement in London

Have you successfully gained a judgement from a court? We can now enforce it on your behalf

If you have had the need to apply to the court for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and have subsequently had it granted, the next step is to utilise it to recover the monies owed to you.

By transferring your case from the County Court to the High Court (something that can happen for any CCJ over £600), UK law explains that a Certificated Enforcement Agent - a bailiff - can act under the supervision of a High Court Enforcement Officer to recover the appropriate money on your behalf.

Our experienced, London-based team will take all of the necessary steps to recover the debt swiftly and amicably - which is often through the sale of the debtor’s assets - and have the professional knowledge to recover any suitable assets where needed to pay not only for your outstanding balance, but for all court costs and our fees.

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Recovering debt from businesses and individuals in London

It’s an unfortunate truth that many are owed money - often considerable sums - from others, be that a business or a person. Whilst most will be happy to accommodate small delays in payments, when the payment doesn’t happen at all, we can step into the process and help your recovery of the debt.

Recovering business to business debts in London

If you have business debtors not paying, legislation is in place to support you

As a London-based business, late payment legislation exists in your favour to help protect you against other businesses not paying any outstanding invoices.

Debtors are effectively required to pay interest and reimburse the reasonable recovery costs of the creditor if goods or services are not paid on time - but we appreciate they often require some encouragement to do so.

For this reason, should they not respond further to reminders and collection letters, one of our London office enforcement agents will attend the business premises to attempt to recover the monies in person. Should payment still not be made, we can continue to escalate the task, including to the point whereby our highly experienced solicitors can become involved to enforce the collection of any assets to cover the outstanding debt and any associated costs.

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London-based statutory demands

Delivering and following up on demands for payments from both individuals and companies

Where you are owed money that is either greater than £5,000 from an individual or £750 from a company, our experienced London-based enforcement agents can follow the Insolvency Act and work to ensure payment is made within 21 days of issuing a statutory demand.

With bankruptcy or insolvency looming if the debt isn’t paid, the statutory demand and subsequent involvement are often enough to recoup the outstanding monies.

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Visits and legal proceedings throughout London

We can offer continued support in a variety of scenarios to companies considering debt recovery

Working with a number of legal practices and property companies in London, our services are often utilised to provide the strong, foundational groundwork that’s needed to build a case.

Visiting a debtor at their property to gain an understanding of their situation - and to encourage debt repayment where possible, so to remove the need to go to court - our enforcement agents will deliver to your requirements, be that to continue communications or to build a picture against them to help determine the next course of action.

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Our latest news and insights from our London bailiff team

Fast Track Eviction for Local Housing Authorities

Quality Bailiffs has launched a new fast track eviction process in cases involving temporary accommodation pending a homelessness review decision.

This new fast track eviction process follows the decision of the Supreme Court in R (ZH and CN) v London Borough of Newham and London Borough of Lewisham [2014] UKSC 62.

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London Squat cleared

Despite significant resistance, and traps set for the team by the squatters, the Specialist Enforcement Response Team from Quality Bailiffs successfully gained vacant possession of the empty pub building.

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Horse Removal London College

Three horses left fly-grazing removed from London College rugby field.

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Fly trading in London a scourge on business

Fly Trading on or near a business premise can affect your company - parking, reputation and anti-social behaviour. One solution is to use the Interference with Goods Act 1977.

We were instructed to do this by a landowner in London when a second-hand car dealer started to sell from a business estate road.

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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery West London

A commercial landlord contacted us about a tenant. He was concerned about the change in the law, and whether this meant he would not be able to collect the outstanding rent arrears.

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