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As one of the UK’s most trusted bailiff companies, Quality Bailiffs is proud to serve the Brighton area with our extensive range of bailiff services. Offering our bailiff services in both Southampton and Maidstone, our Brighton office means we have comprehensive coverage right across of the south of England.

The entire Quality Bailiffs team in Brighton has extensive knowledge of the industry, the services delivered and the intricate deals of every legal component. Trusted and respected, our team deliver the services you need to achieve the results you want.

Covering three high level areas, the services our Brighton team deliver cover:

Trespasser services in and around Brighton

Traditional bailiff services for Brighton

Brighton-based debt recovery Services

Able to draw on expertise that spans many years in the industry, we are confident in our ability to provide services that continually meet the needs of our clients. And being based centrally - we are just moments away from the Brighton Centre - we are perfectly positioned to serve the entire Brighton area with ease.

Supporting the removal of trespassers in Brighton

As a landowner of any size, you do not want to have to deal with unwanted people on your land. If someone is on your land without permission, they are there unlawfully, and this is most commonly known as trespassing.

Fortunately, our experienced Brighton team have the capabilities to deal with any form of trespassing and provide a speedy solution to unwanted trespassers on your land.

Evicting travellers in Brighton

Often intimidating when travelling in large groups, travellers who are on land illegally can be rightfully and swiftly removed

Travellers parking on private land

Encampment of any illegal form is a worry for land owners. Often experienced with traveller groups, the damage that is often caused in and around the area by encampment is well-documented and itself can prove extremely costly for land owners to resolve.

Whilst it can be difficult to prevent travellers illegally encamping and trespassing, as a landowner you do have the law on your side and your common law right gives you the ability to evict any travellers who do not have the permission to be on your land.

Working with individuals and businesses alike in Brighton, in compliance with the Brighton & Hove Traveller Strategy we complete the full traveller eviction process quickly and efficiently to help you get possession of your own land with as little hassle as possible.

Providing a full service solution, we’ll take care of everything from serving the appropriate notices to the travellers through to arranging the support of the Sussex police force should a physical presence be required to actually evict the travellers.

Importantly, we know that traveller trespassing can be a frequent problem and so our team have the knowledge and experience to work closely with you to mitigate the risk of trespassing on your land in the future.

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Evicting Brighton squatters and protesters

If you have problems with protesters and squatters, UK law stipulates they can be removed from private land


The very process of protesting is not illegal and many protests are often encouraged. Brighton is known for its outspoken attitude, but whilst protesting may be commonplace, it’s very rarely problematic.

Yet when it is, especially when it’s on private land, you have options to prevent any further problems occurring.

Having a team of trained and experienced eviction bailiffs in Brighton, we can confidently deliver everything from dealing with difficult entries through to conflict management. And after the serving of the first writs of possession against the protesters and/or squatters in question, our Special Enforcement Response Team can help ensure your land is clear of any unwanted guests.

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Horse and animal removal services in the Brighton area

The illegal homing of horses or other animals on private land can cause problems for both the animals and the landowner if not dealt with

unauthorised horses grazing

Whilst our Brighton team of bailiffs are most often hired for trespassing services related to humans, it’s a common occurrence to be called to problems related to unwanted animals - most commonly horses - being left to graze on private land.

Although it can be a difficult time for you as the land owner, the Control of Horses Act 2015 provides you with the ability to have any fly-grazing horses on your land in Brighton detained and removed. Starting with the serving of a 96 hour notice, should the horses not be removed within this time, our team will arrange for the immediate removal of the animals, at which point alternative accommodation will ideally be arranged.

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Recovering your assets with our Brighton bailiff services

Working with both commercial and personal clients, our experienced Quality Bailiffs are able to confidently take full control of the process, delivering the desired result for you.

Having extremely positive working relationships with our team of solicitors, we take all of the appropriate legal steps to recover your assets - or, alternatively, the value of them - and ensure a smooth and seamless process for you as one of our clients.

Commercial lease forfeiture, Brighton

If your commercial tenants aren’t vacating the property after the lease has ended, it’s time to move them on

The benefits of being a commercial landlord are plentiful, but the role unfortunately has the potential to be troublesome, particularly when a lease is forfeited but the tenant isn’t vacating the property.

In these scenarios in Brighton, the Quality Bailiffs team will take all of the appropriate steps to ensure your property is back in your possession.

Starting with the serving of the appropriate notices, our trained team will then attend the property with a local locksmith to gain access and then change the locks, for which you will be given the new set of keys.

With the enforcement agents then recording the contents of the site and liaising with the previous tenant where appropriate, you will have full possession of your property once more, often in a very short space of time.

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Recovering commercial rent arrears throughout Brighton

If you have commercial tenants deciding not to pay the agreed rent, we can help you get your money back completely free of charge

Every commercial landlord has their own levels at which they will be lenient and understanding with their tenants. Unfortunately, some tenants are destined to be financial burdens on you by not paying their rent, and this can be worrying, frustrating and financially damaging.

Requiring you to take action, UK law is wholly in your favour and by hiring our Brighton team to recover your commercial rent arrears, you can also benefit from our services without needing to pay a single penny.

With the whole focus being on reducing court time as much as is feasibly possible, a ‘Notice of Enforcement’ is served by our team to the company, detailing just what needs to happen - or what will happen - next. With many settling their arrears based on this notice alone, if this doesn’t happen, our trusted enforcement team seize control of the business’s assets until the value of the outstanding rent - and any associated fees, including ours - is accounted for.

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Brighton-based CCJs and High Court enforcement

If you have received a judgement from the court, we can deliver and execute it on your behalf

If you have been in the unfortunate scenario where you have had to apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) from the court, you will know it can be a time-consuming process. But once received, it then needs to be served and enforced.

With our Brighton branch of Quality Bailiffs working closely with our local clients, after transferring your case from the County County to the High Court (which can take place on all CCJs above the value of £600), we can take full control over the execution of it under UK law.

As a Certificated Enforcement Agent acting under the supervision of a High Court Enforcement Officer, we can take all of the necessary steps to recover the money you‘re owed - and understanding the importance of having a case resolved, our Brighton bailiffs work tirelessly to produce a quick result.

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Recovering debt from businesses and individuals in the Brighton region

Should you find yourself in the position of being owed money by a business or individual in Brighton and they are no longer keeping up their repayments, the Quality Bailiffs team can be confidently hired to recover all outstanding debt.

Brighton business to business debt recovery

If your business has debtors who aren’t paying, legislation exists to support you in recouping the monies owed

In 1998, late payment legislation was introduced that entitled all small businesses to charge interest on any unpaid debt from large firms and public sector business. In 2002 this legislation was expanded to include debts from other small businesses, too.

Upon hiring the Brighton team of Quality Bailiffs to help recover your business to business debt under this legislation, one of the first steps we take is to remind the debtors that they are liable to additional payment charges via interest on the amount owed, as well as being required to reimburse you the costs of recovery from the creditor should the invoices continue going unpaid.

Our experienced enforcement agents are well versed in this area of debt recovery and should responses to reminders and collection letters not be received, the agents will attend the premises in an effort to recover it in person. If payment is still not made, the debt will be escalated continually, which will include to the point of referral to our team of solicitors who can make it a legal requirement to repay the outstanding debt and any associated costs immediately.

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Delivering Brighton-based statutory demands

We can provide full support to deliver and enforce any legal statutory demand notice

When a statutory demand is issued, the Insolvency Act provides a very linear path to an end result.

If you are owed money that is over £5,000 (from an individual; £750 from a company), our specialist team in Brighton will strictly abide by the Insolvency Act and get into a position with the debtors where payment is made within 21 days of issuing the statutory demand.

With the debtors facing bankruptcy or insolvency if the debt remains unpaid, delivery of the statutory demand by our enforcement agents is very often enough to recoup the monies owed to you.

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Direct visits and legal proceedings within Brighton

Our Brighton team can offer various support services to companies and individuals needing to recover unpaid debt

Working in close collaboration with numerous legal practices and property companies in and around the Brighton area, our bailiff services are frequently chosen to help create the strong foundations needed for a legal case to be built on - or ideally, arrange repayment of the debt there and then.

With the aim for many being to remove a court visit unless it’s definitely needed, our services also include helping companies to understand when a debtor is in fact worth litigating against.

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