Doorstep Debt Collection & Recovery

Many of our clients, be they Legal profession business, property companies and Local authorities, sometimes need a door step collection or recovery service to find out what is going on at a property or location, and in some cases to ask for possessions or money back.

At Quality bailiffs we have a national team of doorstep debt collection people available to do that in every location. With our online reporting system you can be updated in real time in some cases within hours of your instruction.

We can take photos of properties and assets and when required to facilitate doorstep debt recovery. Our operatives will attempt to enter into a dialog with your debtor to encourage them to pay, or at least enter into a payment arrangement, without having to go down the court route.

In conjunction with asking them to pay, the visit can be used to see if they are worth litigating against.

Please note this service is for business to business debt and for employers who have employees that have left with company property. We do not do recovery for debts subject to the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

What happens after I instruct you ?

Once your instruction request for a doorstep debt recovery is received the following will happen:

  • One of our team checks what your requirements are.
  • We check the fee is agreed.
  • Your case is loaded onto our online management system.
  • The system emails you confirmation of your instruction.
  • Payment arrangements are put in place.

Instructions received outside of business hours are dealt with the next business day.

  • One of the team will allocate the case to a case manager.
  • The case manager will determine the next process and add it to the case management system.
  • A local Certificated Enforcement Agent or Investigator on the ground depended on what skills are required is allocated to undertake the visit.
  • These experienced people are part of a national team covering the country.
  • The Certificated Enforcement Agent or Investigator will visit the location and carry out the collection visit.
  • As actions are completed the case management system is updated.
  • We invoice you, and collect payment according to the arrangements in place.
  • We report our findings to you.

Legal Proceedings

If your debtors won’t pay after we have tried and exhausted the various means at our disposal, and if the debtor is worth pursuing, then you may want to consider issuing a claim in the court against your debtor.

We are not solicitors however being in this industry as long as us we know which ones get the best results for debt recovery.

  • We have a panel of suitably experienced solicitors who are fairly priced.
  • They are all vetted and used to working in conjunction with us to get your money in.

Once your debt has been through our processes we would have a case conference with you to discuss how to move the case forward.

  • If you were happy to proceed with legal proceeding we would recommend the most suitable solicitor from our panel.
  • We would then brief the solicitor and ask them to contact you direct so they may receive your instruction.

The solicitor would then liaise with us regarding the service of documents, and the instructing of our enforcement department.