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Delivering our Quality Bailiffs service in and around Leeds, our experienced team has unrivalled knowledge and determination to ensure the delivery of a range of bailiff services to meet the various demands of our clients.

With the entire team having extensive knowledge of the industry, we are delighted to provide trusted and efficient bailiff services throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas. Award-winning and respected, our services are designed to achieve the results you need.

Utilising our extensive skill set to cover three primary areas, the primary bailiff services we deliver throughout Leeds are:

Trespasser Services in Leeds

Traditional Bailiff Services for Leeds

Leeds Debt Recovery Services

Drawing on our expertise, we can provide services that meet expectations and deliver to specific requirements time and time again, and our office near to Leeds train station gives us the ideal location from which to access Leeds and the surrounding areas quickly and efficiently.

Removing unwanted trespassers in Leeds

Your land is yours to have who and what you want on it at any time. This simply means that anyone who is located on your land without permission is effectively doing so illegally - which is known as trespassing.

Understanding the implications of illegal siting, our Quality Bailiffs team in Leeds have the skills and means to deal with and resolve all forms of trespassers.

Supporting the eviction process of Leeds-based travellers

Are there unauthorised travellers encamped on your land in Leeds?

Travellers parking on private land

Unauthorised encampment is one of the most worrying aspects for land owners, especially where that land isn’t occupied heavily by buildings. Issues that can be caused as a result can be financially-damaging, even from a small number of travellers.

However, as a landowner you have a common law right to remove any unwanted travellers or trespassers. We know the eviction process can be daunting, so we use our knowledge and skills to help you regain rightful possession of your land quickly and effectively.

Spanning the entire process, we begin by serving the necessary notices and finish with on-site eviction, with which we work closely with the West Yorkshire police constabulary for a swift and efficient process.

And know trespassing can be a regular problem, after returning the site to you, we can work with you to make sure you reduce the chance of trespassing happening and becoming a problem once more.

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Evicting Leeds-based squatters and protestors

Whilst a protest can be peaceful, if it takes place on private property without permission, the protestors can be legally evicted


Protests by their base nature aren’t illegal and are often encouraged. The vast majority that take place in Leeds are peaceful and on public land, too.

But there are some that take place unexpectedly and on private land. Such protests can sometimes produce squatters, and if they decide to not move on, our team of enforcement agents can quickly removing them from the land.

As trained eviction bailiffs with experience in dealing with difficult entries, lock-ins, emergency first aid and conflict management, our Specialist Enforcement Response Team serve writs of possession against the parties and within a short period of time your land or property is rightfully returned to you.

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Horse and animal removal in Leeds

Although harmless in some respects, the siting of a horse or other animal by a third party on your land can produce costly damages

unauthorised horses grazing

The topic of unwanted bodies trespassing on private property is generally thought to be related purely to humans, but it can just as readily be animals - usually horses - that have taken up residence on your land.

The Control of Horses Act 2015 gives us the ability to detain and remove any such horses from your Leeds property, and it can be an efficient process - one of our agents will serve a 96 hour notice, and if the horses aren’t removed within this period (within which their health is checked and food and water is provided where required), the team arranges for them to be removed.

Informing the appropriate authorities, our Leeds-based Quality Bailiffs team confidently take charge on this and can produce a positive result in a matter of days.

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Using our Leeds-based bailiff services to recover your assets

Appropriate for commercial and personal cases alike, our team at Quality Bailiffs can take full control of the process to deliver the desired end result.

Working with our team of solicitors to make all the necessary legal steps to recover your assets (or the value of them), they are meticulous in their approach and strive to produce a result that is perfect for you.

Commercial lease forfeiture in Leeds

Are your commercial tenants not vacating the property, even if the lease has ended?

An unfortunately common scenario in commercial locations that see high turnover, commercial lease forfeiture is the process of a lease being stopped, often due to a breach of the lease requirements. Whilst itself often not an issue, should the tenants decide not to move on, our Leeds-based Quality Bailiffs team are called in.

Attending the site with a trusted locksmith to ensure the changing of the locks and securing of the site (and by gaining entry at first, if needed), our team will provide new keys to all of the locks, whilst the enforcement agents serve and file all of the relevant legal papers to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

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Commercial rent arrears recovery throughout Leeds

When your commercial tenants decide not to pay their rent, we’ll help you get your money back free of charge

As a commercial landlord, you may have some leniency with tenants and be willing to let it pass if rent is slightly late. But when tenants do not pay for several months and amass a large amount of rent arrears, you need to take action to recover the money owed.

And there is good news in two formats - the first is UK law works in your favour, and the second is our services are provided free of charge.

Ideally recovering your rental arrears without the need to go to court, our enforcement agents serve a Notice of Enforcement to explain what needs to happen. Sometimes enough to encourage payment, when this isn’t the case, our team of bailiffs in Leeds will attend the property and take control of any assets to the value of the outstanding arrears.

Furthermore, because any associated costs can be recovered in the same fashion, we can provide our commercial rent arrears service from our Leeds office free of charge.

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Leeds-based CCJs and High Court enforcement

We can effectively and efficiently enforce the judgement on your behalf

Scenarios exist where you may need to apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ) from the court. Once granted, that’s only the first part of the process - it then needs to be followed up to enforce it.

Moving your case from the County Court to the High Court (which can only happen if your CCJ is for a value of at least £600), law in the UK states that a Certified Enforcement Agent - a bailiff - can act under the supervision of a High Court Enforcement Officer to recover the appropriate money for you.

A key part of our offering, our experienced team of bailiffs in Leeds take the appropriate steps to recover any outstanding debt promptly.

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Recovering debt from Leeds’s businesses and individuals

In both commercial and personal lives, we can sometimes find ourselves owing money to - or being owed money from - others businesses or individuals. Most are happy to accommodate small delays in payments, particularly if they know the person well. However, if payment doesn’t happen in any form, our Quality Bailiffs team in the Leeds office can step into the process and help you recover any debt.

Recovering business to business debts around Leeds

Having business debtors who don’t pay can be frustrating, but current legislation is in place to support you

Late payment legislation exists and is useful as a Leeds-based business to protect you against those who do not pay what they owe.

When hiring Quality Bailiffs for support, we remind the debtors they will be due to pay interest on any amounts owed, in addition to being liable for reimbursing you the recovery costs of the creditor if invoices are not paid in a timely fashion.

As our experienced enforcement agents are well versed in this area, if responses to reminders and collection letters aren’t received, our team will attend the premises with an aim to recovering the money immediately. If this isn’t successful, the debt will be escalated to the point where it is referred to our solicitors for legal processing, and enforcement and recovery of the debt becomes possible.

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Delivering Leeds-based statutory demands

Do you need support to deliver and enforce a legal statutory demand notice?

If you have money owed to you that is more than £5,000 from an individual (or £750 from a business), our Leeds-based team of agents will follow the Insolvency Act to a point where payment is made within 21 days of the statutory demand being issued.

Given bankruptcy or insolvency is a genuine possibility if the debt isn’t settled, the delivery of the statutory demand by an enforcement agent can often be enough to recoup the outstanding monies.

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Support with visits and legal proceedings in Leeds

A full suite of support services is offered to companies and individuals considering debt recovery

In collaboration with several legal practices and Leeds-based property companies, our services are often hired to help create the strong foundations needed for a robust legal case.

For instance, by visiting a debtor at their property to develop a clear understanding of their situation - and to recover the debt instantly if possible - the idea for many is to stop the need to go to court unless it’s the only option.

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Our latest news and insights from our Leeds bailiff team

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In recent years we have seen a 200% increase in unauthorised encampments. It is a major national problem for local authorities, landowners and businesses. Quality Bailiffs helps by evicting trespassers.

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Commercial Lease Forfeiture Leeds

Generally when we take possession the property is secured and that is that. When the tenant returns they read the notice left and contact the landlord. But this time was different.

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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Leeds, Yorkshire

We recently had a landlord from Leeds in Yorkshire email us a CRAR warrant for a clothes shop in a shopping centre in Leeds.

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Traveller Eviction from Development Land

There is a disturbing new trend where groups are targeting development sites on purpose. They choose this type of land because there is often minimal security.

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