Lease Forfeiture Leeds

Case Study Leeds

Trouble at the hairdressers

We recently acted for a landlord to take possession of a hairdressing salon in Leeds.

The tenant had stopped paying the rent complaining of some dampness in the shop. The tenant was using this as a reason not to pay until the landlord had dealt with the problem.

However it was not the landlord’s responsibility as it was a self-repairing lease.

The landlord had chased for the rent but the tenant continued to refuse to pay.

The landlord was increasingly concerned as had had noticed that the tenant was starting to remove fixtures such as lights.

It looked as if the tenant was going to do a runner and take some of the fixtures as well.

Fast Solution

A fast solution was needed. The landlord rang Quality Bailiffs.

We attended the parade of shops in Leeds the following morning with a locksmith and took possession of the property. Generally when we take possession the property is secured and that is that. When the tenant returns they read the notice left and contact the landlord. But this time was different.

As we were completing the repossession the tenant turned up with some friends in tow and they wanted to get into the shop. It started to get out of hand.

We called the Police to ensure there was not a breach of the peace. The police attended and the tenant and friends left.

Going the extra mile

We also called the landlord to let him know what had happened. He was concerned that the tenant would return when we left and decided to hire a security guard.

We agreed to remain at the premises until the security guard arrived.

Another successful forfeiture of lease in Leeds and a happy landlord.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

If you need Commercial Lease Forfeiture in Leeds then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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