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It is undoubtedly getting harder and harder for the average landowner to evict determined trespassers that are setting up unauthorised encampments on private land.

Traveller eviction from land


Travellers set up camp on your land. What can you do?

Calling the police isn’t always an option in the first instance because in most cases trespassing is a civil matter.

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Poor police resources can have an effect on an eviction because we sometimes rely on them for support in accordance with the law. With this in mind we have developed a strategy that means we need police support on fewer occasions.

We have found when we use the appropriate legal solutions available to us, we can usually regain possession of land quickly and smoothly. (Each case may require different pieces of legislation and therefore different enforcement strategies.) It is also pertinent to mention here, that we also rely on our specialised equipment so we can quickly secure possession of your land.

Specialised Equipment

  • Most of our bailiffs are equipped with body armour to deter assaults and protect ourselves from physical assault which we are sometimes subjected to.
  • We also wear extremely useful body cameras. We use the footage to provide video evidence. As we make the people that are being evicted aware we use this technology it is a great deterrent.
  • There is often the need to use Licenced SIA dog teams to provide a visual security deterrent and where necessary protect staff and property from attack.

Development Sites targeted

There is a disturbing new trend where groups are targeting development sites on purpose. They choose this type of land because there is often minimal security.

As we have discussed in previous traveller eviction posts, the costs involved in trespassers setting up camp on your land can quickly escalate.

These unscrupulous groups then often try to negotiate payments from the land owners to move on quickly.

Eviction in Leeds

A landowner in Leeds was about to start developing on his property. To his dismay, some 20 caravans had descended on the land days before the developers were due to arrive to start work. Clearly this was causing a great deal if stress to our client because of the prospect of increased costs that were possible due to the expected clean-up of the mess caused by the trespassers and the delay to the development.

The landowner tried to be reasonable with the trespassers and asked them politely to leave. They kept promising that they would. However the promised two days turned into a week. Not only were they outstaying their welcome but more trespassers were turning up. It was not long before the number of trespasser was up to 30.

We were instructed to remove them. We sent a team to serve them. They were quite adamant they would not leave. When they refused to leave we started the process for a common law eviction.

The common law eviction was scheduled for the next morning. The site was cleared within 2 hours. In this case there was very little mess left behind, due to the professionalism of our Enforcement Agents.

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