Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Leeds, Yorkshire

Case Study Leeds, Yorkshire

We recently had a landlord from Leeds in Yorkshire email us a CRAR warrant for a clothes shop in a shopping centre in Leeds.

The landlord had a problem with the tenant - he owed rent on the shop unit.

The landlord wanted us to carry out a CRAR visit on the tenant to collect the outstanding rent.

As required by law the notice of enforcement was served the same day.

The tenant failed to pay the outstanding rent in the required time.

After the expiry of the notice our bailiffs attended the clothes shop in Leeds to take control of goods.

Our investigations had identified that the tenant was in financial difficulty and other creditors were closing in to recover their money.

We needed to do something fast to secure the assets of the tenant for the benefit of our client.

Our Leeds bailiffs took control of the goods that day stopping other creditors doing the same.

Our bailiffs then secured a controlled goods agreement with the tenant so the debt could be paid off in a reasonable time without the pressure of the other creditors threatening to remove the goods.

Another success for our bailiffs in Leeds.

Problems with commercial tenants?

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