Unauthorised Encampment Leeds

Unauthorised encampment Leeds

In recent years we have seen a 200% increase in unauthorised encampments. It is a major national problem for local authorities, landowners and businesses. Quality Bailiffs helps by evicting trespassers.

The Problem

Our customers are telling us that it just gets worse every year. More and more unauthorised encampments, which too often lead to criminal damage, anti-social behaviour, illegal waste dumping, acts of theft, and disruption to neighbours.

We have all seen the unsightly mess that unauthorised encampments bring. But what can we do about it?

The Solution

Act fast. The longer you leave these situations the worse they become.

A recent case dealt with by our Traveller Eviction Team was in Leeds.

The travellers were served an eviction notice requiring them to leave immediately. In this case they chose not to leave.

The Traveller Eviction Team were organised to evict the unauthorised encampment from the private land in Leeds the next day at 8:00am.

With support from the Police, in case of a breach of the peace, the eviction took place and within a couple of hours the unauthorised encampment was cleared.

We arranged a security team to secure the site until concrete blocks were installed to stop any further incursions onto the site. This has to be dome to ensure the evicted travellers do not ‘drive round the block’ and return after the Eviction Team have left.

We also arranged a clean-up team to dispose of the mess and rubbish left on the site, so restoring it to its original condition for use by the owner.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has over 25 years of experience in completing fast land recovery from unauthorised encampments.

If you need the eviction of an unauthorised encampment then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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