Remove Horses Nottingham

Case Study Nottingham

We often get calls from landowners about horses been left by travellers and others to graze on their land.

We recently got a call from the security manager of a large national retail outlet that has shops on retail parks.

One particular shop in Nottingham had large grass verges that were regularly getting horses tethered on them.

He asked if we could remove horses from land in Nottingham. We can.

We went through with him the procedure to remove grazing horses from land.

We arranged for one of our local Nottingham bailiffs to attend the retail park and post notices on the land.

The notices warn of the intended removal and disposal of the horses for illegally grazing on the land.

The result was, in this case, that the owner removed the horses. If he had failed to do so we would have returned and removed the horses for disposal.

Remove Horses in Nottingham

If you need to remove horses from your land in Nottingham then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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