Protesters Evicted


Protesters Evicted from Midlands site


An opencast coal mining company approached us about a site where they had received various threats from activists and local people protesting about fossil fuels.

Before work had started on the site a group of protesters had set up an encampment on the land to frustrate and prevent the coal site from being developed.

Our client had instructed their solicitors to obtain an order for possession, and wanted Quality Bailiffs to enforce the High Court Writ of Possession.

These operations are very difficult and sensitive and have to handled with the upmost planning and care to ensure all objectives are met without anyone getting hurt.

Enforcement Response Vehicle

Evicting the protesters

A site visit and liaison with the police was carried out in order to conduct a risk assessment to draw up an operational order.

Once this was achieved the full extent of the operation was able to be costed and approval to proceed was gained from our client.

On the day of the operation the clients fencing contractors, security and the Police were all co-ordinated to attend with our team.

We have a specialist team that deal with these highly sensitive and difficult cases. We use our specially trained Specialist Enforcement Response Team, SERT.

The Specialist Enforcement Response Teams are trained to a very high standard equivalent to the Police Tactical Support Unit training. This is level 2 public order & level 3 handcuffing.

SERT team removing protester

SERT team removing protester

Our team went in under the cover of darkness whilst the protesters were sleeping. It was a total surprise to them when they woke up and found themselves surrounded by our team.

Our team prevented them from locking themselves onto various things. As they would not leave our team used safe physical intervention to move them off the site.

Once cleared the client‘s fencing contractor erected a fence, and the security team then prevented them from coming back on the site.

Specialist Enforcement Response Team

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