Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Manchester

Case Study Manchester

The problem

One Friday morning we had a call from a landlord who had used us before. He had a tenant in arrears.

The landlord asked if we could send bailiffs to the property in Manchester as the tenant owed three months rent and was not willing to pay. An added complication was the tenant had just declared himself bankrupt. Was there anything we could do?

The solution

With this type of insolvency the law is quite clear and we could help him.

Under the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process we served on behalf of the landlord a notice of enforcement.

We waited the required number of days and the tenant had still not paid.

Our Bailiffs / Certificated Enforcement agents then attended the garage premises in Manchester and took control of goods to recover the debt.

As the tenant could not pay our bailiffs removed the goods from the garage premises in Manchester to a local public auction.

After following the procedures in these matters the goods were sold at the auction, and the proceeds were paid over to the landlord less the costs encurred.

Problems with commercial tenants?

If you have problems with late paying commercial tenants in Manchester then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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