Traveller Eviction Manchester

Case Study Manchester

We recently received a call from a local council official in Manchester late in the afternoon.

They had a problem with travellers / gypsies camping on land in Manchester. They needed them evicted.

They had obtained a court order under Sections 77-78 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to remove some 18 traveller caravans from land near a local park in Manchester.

Although this eviction could be done under common law, local authorities have some extra duties placed upon them under the human rights act and usually prefer this route to eviction.

We despatched bailiffs to Manchester that very evening to serve notice that an eviction would take place at 08.30 the following morning.

Our bailiffs turned up the following morning to evict the travellers from the land and the travellers refused to leave.

A tow truck was called and the Police arrived to ensure the court order was complied with.

After an hour the site was cleared.

Traveller Eviction in Manchester

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