County Court Judgment CCJ collection Manchester

Case Study Manchester

Quality Bailiffs provides a personal service for customers. We do not use a call-centre to answer calls. Your call is answered by a Manager with practical experience of doing the job.

A recent job to enforce a County Court Judgment CCJ in Manchester illustrates our personal approach, and the benefits to you of local knowledge.

We received a call from a solicitor based in London. He was looking for a High Court Enforcement service to enforce a CCJ for a client against a debtor believed to be located in Manchester. Could we help? Yes.

The solicitor was used to dealing with one of the bigger companies, but he wanted to deal with an experienced Enforcement Agent, not a call-centre, so he rang Quality Bailiffs.

We were able to arrange the transfer of the CCJ to the High Court for enforcement by one of our local Enforcement Agents.

The Enforcement Agent knew the debtor as he had visited him recently on another debt matter. He knew the debtor had moved to a different address in Manchester from the one the solicitor had.

The Bailiff visited the new address and was able to take control of goods there. This saved the solicitor time and money as we had the correct address.

When you need a CCJ enforced talk to the professionals, not to a call-centre. Call Quality Bailiffs.

Need to a enforce a CCJ in Manchester?

If you need a County Court Judgment collected in Manchester then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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