Lease Forfeiture Manchester

Case Study Manchester

Once bitten, twice shy

We received a completed instruction form from a solicitor regarding the possession of a commercial property in Manchester. Many of our regular customers simply send in a completed form without calling us first as they know we will contact them by return and confirm their instructions. It saves them time.

  • The case in Manchester was loaded onto our online management system.
  • The system emailed the solicitor confirmation of the instruction.
  • One of the team allocated the case to our Manchester Bailiff / Enforcement Agent.
  • Our office liaised with the bailiff and locksmith to arrange a suitable time to execute the warrant.
  • One of the team emailed the solicitor with the details of when the warrant was to be executed.
  • Our bailiff attended with the locksmith. The property was a cake shop.
  • The locksmith gained access and changed the locks (to stop the tenant re-entering).
  • The bailiff took possession of the property.
  • The bailiff served the forfeiture / possession notices by posting them on every entrance to the property, and photographed them for evidence.
  • The bailiff listed the contents, and photographed them.
  • The locksmith secured the property.
  • The new set of keys were returned to the solicitor.

Later the tenant from the shop contacted the solicitor and paid the arrears in full together with our charges to get back the shop, as they could not make a living without use of the premises.

This lease forfeiture in Manchester was some years ago now. Although we continue to deal with the landlord this tenant has never again defaulted. Once bitten, twice shy.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

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