Bailiff Services

Business unit in rent arrears

Commercial Rent Arrears Collection

Commercial rent arrears recovery is the fastest and cheapest way to recover your Commercial rent without going to court.

As a commercial landlord, even under the new bailiff regulations, you still hold a special creditors privilege that no other type of creditor has.

This is to use Certificated Bailiffs or Certificated Enforcement Agents as we are now called to execute warrants.

Lease Forfeiture

Lease Forfeiture

We can evict commercial tenants without the need for a court order.

Most commercial leases contain a forfeiture clause which says we can take possession of your property without a court order subject to some conditions.

Forfeiture of lease is the ending of a commercial lease by taking peaceable possession of the commercial property.

It is a very effective way to get your property back, or get a tenant to pay.