Certificated Enforcement Agent

Training to become a Certificated Enforcement Agent

Certificated enforcement agents hold a certificate granted by the County Court.

Certificated enforcement agents may enforce any debt other than a County Court and Family Court order.

For example: they could enforce debt from criminal fines, council tax home domestic rates, road traffic, child support, HMRC and commercial rent arrears recovery. Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

Who can be a CEA?

Anyone from any background. It does not matter what sex, race, size or age (you must be over 18).

Certificated Enforcement Agents come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Some are ex-Police or ex-Forces, but the vast majority are just ordinary people who wanted to do something interesting. We deal with ex-teachers, ex-lorry drivers, ex-sales staff and ex-financial services staff.

You need the ability and confidence to communicate professionally with people of all levels.

Become a Certificated Enforcement Agent

To become a Certificated Enforcement Agent you must hold a certificate from the County Court.

There are items and criteria that must be satisfied prior to the granting of a certificate as follows:

  • An application to the court must be completed.
  • Proof of a qualification obtained in Taking Control of Goods to Level 2 or equivalent (recognised by a national awarding body).
  • Provide a Data Baring Service check (previously called a CRB) no older than 30 days.**
  • Provide a County Court Judgment Certificate.**
  • Provide copies of the forms you intend to use.**
  • Provide proof as to your knowledge and experience of the Taking Control of Goods process, national standards, Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act, regulations and other Enforcement Agent Rules and Procedures.
  • Provide professional references from experienced and qualified persons in evidence of knowledge and character.**
  • Provide an Enforcement Agents Bond.**
  • Two passport size photographs.

** As part of the course, we provide and assist you in obtaining these items.

You are required to attend court for questioning by a judge about your application.

How much can I earn?

Earnings as a Certificated Enforcement Agent are always dependent upon geographical location, types of work undertaken and how good you are at the job. These can typically range from £750.00 - £1,500.00 per week.

Where will I get work?

Many CEAs work on a sub-contracting basis for other companies, whole-time, part-time and on an ad-hoc basis. Quality Bailiffs have the connections within the industry to assist you in finding work.

As a self-employed CEA you have to market to local solicitors, landlords, other Certificated Enforcement Agent companies, local authorities.

I want to know more

Quality Bailiffs training division provides Certificated Enforcement Agent training. We have been providing training for many years to major CEA companies and individuals for Bailiffs and now for CEAs.

Visit our Certificated Enforcement Agent Training website for further information.

Certificated Enforcement Agent Training