Wendy House Eviction


Wendy House Eviction

As a commercial bailiff company we have had a quite a few unusual and interesting cases over the years.

We have been asked to distrain upon Colonel Gaddafi’s yacht, distrain on an aircraft, and seize a ship. We have also removed lots of different types of animals from various locations.

However nothing so far had been quite as surprising as last month when we were called and asked to remove squatters from a Wendy house!

The Call to Remove Squatters

When the call came in we took details from the client.

  • Name and address of client.
  • Location and type of property where the problem was.
  • As much information as the client could give us about the squatters.

The Case

We were advised that a residential property in a fairly well to do area had been repossessed. What makes this an unusual case for us is the house itself was not the problem.

In the garden of the property there was a fairly large wooden Wendy house. (These types of outdoor Wendy houses are becoming increasing popular.) The client informed us that two drug addicts had moved in to the Wendy house. (As we all know drugs ruin people’s lives, so the squatters were not in the best state of mind.)

The condition of the garden and the Wendy house was rapidly deteriorating, with used needles and rubbish being left everywhere. There was also reports of other types of anti-social behaviour coming from the garden.

The drugs and their circumstances made one of the two people very violent. Neither would leave when asked by the client.

The clients obviously wanted the property back under their control as soon as possible so they could move ahead with their plans for the place and prevent more damage occurring. They instructed us to act immediately.

The Solution

In order to complete the eviction our team of bailiffs contacted the local police for support due to the aggressive history of the squatters.

After some resistance the squatters were removed.

The Wendy house was dismantled as it was no longer fit for purpose.

Once we had prepared the report for the client this was another successfully completed case for Quality Bailiffs.

We can help

This case serves as a reminder to all landowners that no case is too strange, big or small for Quality Bailiffs. Our agents are fully versed in the law surrounding evicting squatters.

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