Travellers demand Money to leave


Recently we have had three groups of trespassers invade Supermarket car parks and demand money to leave quickly. We have evicted travellers and trespassers from car parks in London, Birmingham and Leeds.

Travellers demand Money to leave

The Problem

A small group of travelling trespassers arrive on a supermarket car park and set up camp.

  • They often arrive with horses and leave them to fly graze.
  • There are children playing around busy car parks.
  • Adults accost supermarket customers by fly trading.

This must be every store manager’s nightmare.

The groups we have been dealing with have between three and four caravans which equates to around 15 to 17 people.

Customers do not like leaving their cars and often feel intimidated by their behaviour. The result is an immediate downturn in business.

In one case the kids were causing considerable anti-social behaviour by flying around the car park on a quad bike, and their terriers were barking and snarling at the supermarket customers. In this case it was travellers on the car park of a London supermarket.

The supermarket had sent their security team to speak with the travellers. They said they would move quickly for varying amounts of money.

The company did not want to pay and called the Police out. The Police declined to help stating that it was a civil matter that the supermarket needed to deal with themselves.

The Solution

In the London case we deployed a team within two hours and had them served with common law notice. As per our clients request our team not only served them the common law notice, but also videoed this on their body worn video cameras, and took photographs of the vehicles and noted the registration numbers. A full health and safety risk assessment was completed and a copy provided to the client.

In 9 out of 10 of these actions the travellers leave the site peaceably after being served notice and having being spoken to.


In this case as they did not leave an eviction was arranged for the following morning. Our eviction team had the site cleared of trespassers within two hours, and our clean-up team then went in and had the car park back to normal within an hour. Peace was restored.

The Travellers had been on another supermarket car park the day before they had moved onto our client‘s land. They told our bailiffs that this supermarket had paid them £400 per van to move. So they moved the 600 metres to our client‘s supermarket.

As long as companies and people pay them off they will use this tactic regularly as they get a financial reward for their anti-social behaviour. This is a clear case of blackmail and is going on across the UK on a regular basis.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has over twenty five years of experience in removing travellers.

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