Travellers stop Club events


In recent weeks we have seen an increase in the number of travellers invading the car parks of clubs and pubs and refusing to leave. Quality Bailiffs have recently evicted travellers from car parks in Manchester, Peterborough, Chelmsford and central London.

mess left in a car park
Travellers stop Club events

The Problem

It must be a nightmare for club and pub owners who are being invaded by groups of travellers in their car parks. They are already feeling the downturn of business and the change in the spending habits of people. And then travellers park up on their car park.

Once the travellers take up occupation they often cause mess, dump rubbish, take over the pub / club toilet facilities and cause a general nuisance.

When asked to leave they often offer to go for a cash payment of £5,000

It is surprising how many landowners pay up - and then live to regret it.

The travellers often refuse to go after being asked to leave, and claim they cannot be evicted without a court order. They use the fact a court order can take up to two weeks to get to blackmail land owners to pay them off.

The business decides that two weeks of lost trade, legal expenses and court fees can be a greater loss than paying off the travellers. So they pay.

The Solution

There is a solution that does not require a court order.

An eviction under common law by experienced bailiffs is often a lot cheaper and quicker than either going through the court process or paying them off.

Quality Bailiffs specialise in the removal of trespassers.

  • We serve them the day we are instructed.
  • We evict them the following day.

Most evictions are done within 2 to 3 hours when supported by the Police and on small numbers often cost less than £600.

Long term solutions should include height restriction poles to stop vans and caravans from entering car parks.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has over twenty five years of experience in removing trespassers from car parks.

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