Travellers Removed from School Playing Field


People often think the police can evict trespassers. In fact they have limited powers to do so under section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, and the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.

The quickest method to get trespassers off your land is using a specialist bailiff company, such as Quality Bailiffs, under common law.

Travellers removed from playing field at a midland’s school

Choosing a Bailiff Company

We recommend the enforcement bailiff company chosen should be a member of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association (CEAA) or the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA).

The company should also be able to provide evidence of the following current insurance policies:

  • Public liability insurance.
  • Employer’s liability insurance.
  • Professional indemnity.

If the enforcement company does not have these insurances and things go wrong then the landowner (you) may well have to pick up the bill as the enforcement agent would be acting under the landowners (your) instructions.

Removing the Travellers

Travellers arrived on a school playing field in the Midlands. There were around eight caravans that parked up on the school field while the school was closed over the weekend.

By the time Quality Bailiffs got the call, the families that were living nearby had already had to put up with noise, rubbish and anti-social behaviour coming from the unauthorised encampment. The school had to send pupils home due to the trespassers driving motorbikes about the field and other anti-social behaviour.

This was the eighth time in two years that the residents and the school had had to put up with the nuisance from unauthorised encampments.

It was fortunate that we had a team close by that had just finished a different enforcement case. This meant that they were at the scene within an hour of the client instructing us to remove the Travellers.

Our team of enforcement bailiffs served the direction to leave immediately. The team was met with a very hostile reception. Even the children were throwing stones at our team. Unbelievably, the adults were encouraging them to do this.

It is not the first time and it won’t be the last, because this is a tactic used to extend the stay without risk of arrest and criminal charges because the police cannot arrest and charge minors.

As an ethical Enforcement Company we always consider the wellbeing of staff, clients and their property. It was decided that our team would withdraw at this point.

Later in the day we were able to secure support from the police. The enforcement team went back to the site to evict the travellers. After a harsh words and a tense stand-off they agreed to move.

There were three of the trespassers that still refused to move. The tow truck was called in and we attempted to tow them off the site. Again we were met with violence. This time the police intervened and made an arrest. After this the remaining travellers all moved off quite quickly.

A tough day but a good result for Quality Bailiffs.

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