Traveller eviction from company car park in Sheffield

Traveller eviction in Sheffield

The Problem

We received a call one morning from a solicitor who was recommended to us by his senior partner. We had worked for the senior partner to enforce High Court Writs of Control for monetary judgments.

The solicitor’s client had a problem. They were a Sheffield based company and had come in one morning to find a group of travellers with around 5 caravans set up camp on the company car park in Sheffield.

The company owner had approached the travellers and asked them to leave as they were on their property. The company owner got a lot of abuse from the travellers, and one even demanded to be paid £3000 to leave - allegedly for fuel.

With no luck in getting the travellers to move, the company had instructed their solicitor to gain an Order of Possession in the County Court which was then transferred to the High Court for fast eviction by a High Court Enforcement Officer via a Writ of Possession.

The solicitor needed this actioning quickly and was pleased at how quickly the High Court Enforcement Officer’s team at Quality Bailiffs could react.

The Response

The solicitor had the Writ issued the same day in the name of one of Quality Bailiffs High Court Enforcement Officers. Quality Bailiffs then sent one of their Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) from their Sheffield office to the car park to do a risk assessment. As a landowner the company have a duty of care for people working on their behalf on their land.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Section 2.2. gives employers a duty of care to both their employees and any sub-contractors. It is therefore essential that a proper written risk assessment is carried out, and a copy sent to the landowner.

As soon as the High Court Enforcement Officer received the bailiffs report a risk assessment was drawn up and emailed to the landowner (company) along with a quote for the eviction. From the risk assessment we knew that there were 5 caravans, 2 vans, 2 dogs and 3 cars, and how the caravans were wheel clamped.

The Action

The cost was agreed with the customer. Then a suitable team were put in place to attend the following morning with a tow truck and means to remove the wheel clamps.

The team arrived on site at 8am, waking the travellers up, and ordered them to leave. They were very aggressive and refused to move. The police were called. Under section 99 of the Courts Act a High Court Enforcement Officer can insist that the police attend and help them execute the writ.

The police attended, and after some dialog the travellers agreed to leave within the hour. At which point the police left. It took a further visit by the police with back up from the bailiff to finally get them to leave 2 hours later. The site was then cleared, and peace was restored to this Sheffield business.

A locksmith was called to add a new lock to the gate to stop the travellers from re-entering the car park once the Sheffield bailiff team had left.


When travellers move on your land it is important to move quickly to get proper advice from your legal representative or form your local High Court Enforcement Officer such as Quality Bailiffs.

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