Traveller Eviction in Newcastle


Our Newcastle bailiff service carries out enforcement throughout Tyne and Wear and right through Northumberland up to the border.

The team provide Bailiffs in Newcastle for Forfeiture of lease, Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) and the execution of High Court Writs of control for CCJ’s and Writs of Possession. The Newcastle bailiff team also do traveller evictions.


A recent case of traveller eviction in Newcastle came about one morning when we got a call from a Newcastle solicitor to say they had a client who had a group of travellers on their car park.

These travellers had set up an unauthorised Encampment in Newcastle and were disrupting this company’s business. The matter was very urgent as they could not trade until the travellers were removed.

Trespasser eviction from car park in Newcastle

The Eviction

Our Newcastle Traveller Eviction team of bailiffs was deployed within 2 hours of receiving the call. The team arrived on site and served the travellers with a notice to leave within 2 hours.

The travellers asked for money from the bailiffs as they had been doing from the business owner.

The travellers were told that no money would be paid and if they did not vacate within the two hours then a tow truck would be called to remove them from the land.

The travellers tried lots of tactics to prevent their removal. However our experienced team of bailiffs persevered and managed to get them evicted the same day.

It was a very difficult day for our Newcastle traveller eviction team but they achieved their objectives and the client was happy with the job.

We then provided an emergency security team to guard the property until concrete blocks could be deployed to prevent any further incursions onto the car park.

A successful operation by our Newcastle Bailiffs on the Newcastle traveller eviction team.

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