Securing site after Traveller Eviction from Luton, Bedfordshire


As an enforcement bailiff, I’m sure that you can imagine that we spend a lot of our time having to evict trespassers from a variety of very different locations. However, keeping the trespassers off the land or out of the recently reclaimed building is not usually the responsibility of the enforcement bailiff team that was tasked with the original eviction.

Securing site after traveller eviction from Luton, Bedfordshire

The start

Recently we were asked to do just that, and temporarily secure the site for the owner.

In this case we evicted 20 caravans from a development site. The eviction went reasonably well and we had all the caravans removed from the site within 3 hours.

Usually it is at this point that the client secures the land to reduce the risk of further invasion from the same or even different trespassers.

In this case the risk of the same travellers coming back on to the site was high because they had only moved a few hundred yards away to land that was owned by the local council.

The travellers gave our team of enforcement bailiffs the impression that as soon as they left the travellers would move back on to the much more preferable land owned by our client.

The problem

In this case, making sure that the caravans could not come back on to the fairly large site was not so straightforward. There was a wide and open entrance to the site.

We had suggested to the site owner using blocks as a security measure. They would restrict access. Once the blocks had been ordered, the client had to wait for these security measures (blocks) to be delivered to the site. We knew this was going to take a while as the site was in the middle of nowhere.

Securing the site

The client asked if we would form a physical barrier with our vans until the blocks arrived. It was estimated that this would take about four hours until the blocks arrived and could be put in place. We agreed to assist by using our vans as a temporary physical barrier.

This did not go as smoothly as planned due to a major accident on the M1. It was nine hours before the blocks arrived and were installed, and we could leave.

If we had not formed the barrier with our vans the land would have been unsecured for that time, and quite possibly re-occupied by the travellers.

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