Traveller eviction from business car park in Leicester

Traveller eviction in Leicester

The Problem

Landowners who have empty properties always have the worries of vandalism, theft and squatters.

If they have a car park then also have to worry about travellers invading their car park as well.

We were recently asked to provide bailiffs to evict travellers in Leicester from a business car park.

The travellers had been there for a week and despite their promises they had not moved. They were using the back of the building as a toilet and to dump rubbish.

The landowner had asked the police for help. They explained as there was less than 6 vehicles they could not help and suggested they use a reputable High Court Enforcement Officer or Bailiff company.

The landowner was recommended to use Quality Bailiffs for their traveller eviction by their managing agent who uses Quality Bailiffs for their CRAR and High Court Enforcement.

The Bailiff Solution

Quality Bailiffs came out the same day, served the travellers a notice to leave, and conducted a risk assessment on the traveller eviction. A written copy of the risk assessment was provided to the landowner for consideration. The eviction approach and cost was agreed with the owner to undertake the traveller eviction the following day.

At 8am the following morning Quality Bailiffs sent a team to site to remove the travellers in Leicester. The travellers were very aggressive and refused to move.

The police were called but had no resources to attend. It was decided that a tow truck would be called so that the team could start towing the vehicles away.

The tow truck arrived and they still did not move so the first vehicle was winched up onto the truck. At this point the travellers then assaulted the truck driver and the bailiffs. The Leicester Police were called using 999.

The Leicester police arrived within 15 minutes and eventually arrested one of the travellers. The rest of the travellers left soon after that.

The landowner was grateful he had got his land back. The team waited on site whilst he had concrete blocks set out in place to stop any further traveller invasions.


Whilst the landowner got his property back quite quickly it cost him quite a bit for the damage and the bailiffs costs.

It is important to ensure you have in place concrete or other barriers to stop this happening on your land.

Call the professionals

It is worth remembering that sometimes it is best to contact Quality Bailiffs as soon as you become aware of trespassers because it can save you weeks of stress and reduce any negative impact on your property.

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