Traveller Eviction from Epsom, Surrey


As the last of the summer season starts to fade, a client called our office. The client had an urgent issue. He immediately instructed our enforcement bailiff team to remove some New Age type travellers from his land.

New age travellers evicted in Epsom

The start

The travellers had turned up one evening. They told our client that they only planned on staying for two days. They had a few caravans, a mobile library of all things, a bus that housed eight of them with sleeping accommodation, and various other vehicles. They also had a menagerie of animals including chickens, dogs, ducks and a goat.

Two days came and went. And they did not.

The problem

Our client went to ask the travellers to move on as the two days they had requested had passed. Their response to the generosity of our client was to say.

“No one uses this land. We would like to stay and make this our home.”

Our client was worried that the travellers would become squatters. The client did not want the travellers to set up permanent camp on his land because throughout the year the land had different uses including grazing and as car parking and camping when local events were held.

The solution

We had an enforcement team on site within 2 hours of the client’s instruction. We served the travellers a direction to leave immediately under common law. They refused to go.

It was getting dark. We knew we would not get them to leave that night peacefully. Experience tell us it is wise to have police support when travellers are reluctant to leave. This avoids any complaints of excess force as the police act as witnesses.

We could not get any police support that evening. So we arranged for a security dog team to watch the client’s property overnight and prevent any more travellers and their belongings arriving.

The following morning our eviction team arrived on site. We commenced the eviction. We had managed to secure the support of the police at this time.

It had rained overnight and the travellers claimed their vehicles and their bus were stuck fast in the mud. This is often a delaying tactic used to try and stay on the land for longer.

On this occasion though they were right and the vehicles were stuck. It would have been too soft for a tow truck.

Not to be defeated our enforcement agent arranged for two tractors to attend the site and they towed the vehicles out of the field onto the road.

Within a few hours our client had vacant possession of his land again.

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