Traveller Eviction West London

Case Study West London

We recently had a call from a landlord of some land in west London which contained a derelict warehouse.

Twenty caravans had arrived and set up a large encampment on the land. The children from the caravans were playing around the derelict warehouse.

The Problem

This gave the owner of the land and building in west London two problems:

  • The derelict warehouse was a potential danger to the children and the adults. Although they were trespassers the landlord had a duty of care and did not wish to see them injured.
  • The landlord was in discussion to sell the land to a supermarket chain, and the trespassers were a potential issue.

The Solution

The landlord asked Quality Bailiffs to attend and remove the travellers from his land in west London.

We attended the site and served notice on the travellers to move.

With assistance from the police we were able to persuade the travellers to move that same day to a safer location in west London.

Traveller Eviction in West London

If you need Traveller Eviction in West London then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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