Traveller Eviction Warrington

Case Study Warrington

For this assignment we were instructed by a local authority to evict travellers from a recreation park in Warrington under a court order. Another successful eviction without incident.

The Problem

Recreation grounds can attract travellers as they offer plenty of space with limited security, making them easier to park on.

But once there travellers can be a significant problem for the local authority as they may cause disruption to many residents.

The Solution

The local authority had obtained a court order to evict the travellers, and served the papers at the site. Quality Bailiffs were instructed to undertake the eviction.

We had the required documentation emailed to us by the local authority, including a witness statement from the council officer who served the required notice on the travellers in Warrington.

Careful planning is required when undertaking an eviction. You have to put in place resources to deal with any eventuality. In this case Police availability at the time of the eviction is essential in case of a breach of the peace.

The following morning we arrived at the park to execute the court order. The Police were there in the background in case they were needed. A representative from the local authority was there in case we needed to take further instruction during the eviction.

Vehicle details and registration numbers were listed to ensure that the order was complied with and the travellers did not just return a few days later.

All our activities are recorded on the body worn cameras used by our team. These are an efficient means of documenting the eviction in the event of a query.

We then carried out the eviction, which happened without major incident, recorded on camera. Two hours after arriving on site our job was done.

Traveller Eviction in Warrington

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