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Traveller Rubbish in Walsall

Travellers leave mess

Despite a court order within 3 days, Travellers move off building site and leave mess.

Traveller Eviction can be an urgent necessity if troublesome Travellers set up on your land.

Even when land owners and businesses are taking preventive measures, such as hiring security guards and having walls and fences with locked gates, the travellers are still entering and occupying land that does not belong to them.

The more unscrupulous Travellers (It has to be said that not all Travellers are like the ones in this case study.) can cause major problems for the people whose land they set up camp on.

It is not just about noise and rowdy behaviour. It is becoming more and more likely that they will also leave the land owner with a huge clean-up bill.

This is the story of one of our recent Traveller evictions.

Traveller Eviction Case Study

In this case study a building company contacted our office to ask for help because their site had become occupied overnight. They reported that there were numerous Travellers on the site.

The building company informed us that in order to gain access to the property the Travellers had assaulted the security guard they had working on the site. The Travellers then advised that they were claiming squatter’s rights. When the squatters claim squatters rights you will need a court order to evict them.

How we helped Evict the Travellers

  • Within two hours we despatched a team of bailiffs and security officers to the site.
  • We served the Notice to Quit.
  • We gathered evidence that the Travellers were dumping rubbish on the site to take to court.
  • We prevented more Travellers entering the site using our security officers and trained dog handlers.
  • The evidence was compiled and presented to the court.
  • A court order was granted. This happened within three days of the company contacting our office.
  • The Travellers did leave the site within hours of the court granting the possession order.

Most people that have not been affected by Travellers in this way often think: “Well they were only there for a few days. How much damage can they have caused?” In this case the building company added up the clean-up bill and it was in the region of £10,000.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident and there are many newspaper reports across the UK with stories of the massive costs incurred because of rubbish left on the deserted traveller encampments.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has over 25 years of experience in completing fast traveller eviction.

If you need the eviction of an unauthorised encampment then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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