Traveller Eviction Thames Valley

Case Study Thames Valley

Monday morning is often the time we receive calls about travellers on land which the caller wants removed. The travellers have arrived over the weekend when the commercial property is closed.

Two sugars in my coffee

And so it was this Monday morning. I had just made my first coffee of the morning and the call came in from the owner of an out of town Cafe in a business park in the Thames Valley.

The cafe had a large car park. On the Sunday when they were closed seven caravans and various vehicles had arrived and parked up.

The cafe owner had asked them to leave. They did not. “Not without a court order” was their response.

The travellers had started to leave a mess of tree cuttings and garden rubbish in a corner of the car park.

The cafe was losing business as customers decided not to stop as most of the car park was blocked by caravans. Customers were concerned about the safety of their vehicles.

The cafe owner needed a solution; and he needed it fast.

The Solution

Later that morning we attended the site and served notice on the travellers to leave.

We checked the site that evening and early the next morning. The travellers had not moved, and showed no sign that they were going to move.

On the Tuesday morning our enforcement team arrived on site to execute the eviction of the travellers.

We asked them to leave, but they said they would not do so.

We arranged for a Police presence to prevent a breach of the peace and brought in a tow truck to remove the travellers. Often the sight of the tow truck is enough to get travellers to move voluntary. But not in this case.

Tensions began to rise and violence was threatened. At this point the Police indicated to the travellers that such behaviour would result in them being arrested.

Neither Quality Bailiffs or the cafe owner wanted arrests to take place, as it would create more tension, and could cause more problems.

The enforcement team spoke further with the travellers in the hope of calming the situation, and getting a solution. The approach was eventually successful.

The travellers agreed to move on, and had left by late that morning.

Our calm but firm approach, along with the support of the Police, had worked. Travellers gone from the cafe car park in the Thames Valley. Success.

All that was left for the cafe owner to do was clean up the site.

Before leaving we discussed with the cafe owner measures that could be taken to reduce the chances of this happening again.

Traveller Eviction in Thames Valley

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