Traveller Eviction Portsmouth

Case Study Portsmouth

Friday morning just before a mothering Sunday the phone rang. A businessman who owned an out of town garden centre had travellers on his land in Portsmouth.

The Problem

There were five caravans plus other vehicles that had turned up on his car park during the night. Their presence was going to cause significant disruption to his business.

The car park had been secured the night before, but when he got in that day the gate lock was gone. The travellers that had moved on to the car park said the lock was already off.

He had tried to reason with them, and asked them to move. But they were having none of that.

The travellers threatened his staff, and had been rude to his customers. They would only move if he paid them to go.

This was one of his busiest weekends of the year and he was desperate to get them off. If they remained all weekend and disrupted his business then the future for his hard-working staff was at risk.

The Solution

We had a chat about the various methods of dealing with the issue and it was decided the quickest way of doing this was by Quality Bailiffs serving a common law eviction notice.

We assembled a team and had this notice served before 4pm that day.

The following day the travellers did not move so we sent the team over to carry out the eviction.

After liaising with the local police the eviction was done and we had the site clear by noon on the Saturday, which enabled him to open again ready for Sunday.

We had evicted the travellers (gypsies) from the Portsmouth Garden Centre car park in a very short time, allowing the landlord to continue trading.

Trespasser Eviction in Portsmouth

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