Traveller Eviction Peterborough

Case Study Peterborough

A local car dealership in Peterborough was recently in touch to say they had travellers on part of their land.

They had an overflow car park they sometimes used to store cars which had been taken over by the travellers.

The Problem

The travellers were on their way to a gathering and had pitched tents and other makeshift accommodation on the site during the night.

When the manager arrived the next day and spoke with them they refused to move. They made it clear they were going to stay for the next 14 days before going on to their gathering.

The dealership had multiple concerns:

  • The affect on customers, who might be put off from visiting and buying.
  • The possible damage to the cars for sale.
  • The rubbish that would build up during their stay.

Something needed to be done. And quickly.

The Solution

Quality Bailiffs attended the site and served notices to leave.

The travellers were very aggressive and assaulted one of our Enforcement Agents. In these circumstances the Police are called to maintain the peace.

It was very evident that it would be a difficult eviction.

We arranged a meeting with the client, the Police, the Local Authority, and a Security Contractor to discuss how the eviction would be done.

Our aim is always to effect an eviction with the minimum of disturbance to the client and surrounding properties, and with regard to the safety and well-being of those being evicted and others in attendance.

At the meeting we discussed and agreed what would happen the next day when the travellers were evicted.

The next morning we attended the site with a team of enforcement agents, supported by a security dog team and the local police.

At first the travellers were difficult and refused to move. However they could see that we were not leaving until they left, and so after some delay they moved from the site.

Once they were gone the Security Contractor secured the site so they could not return.

A successful outcome achieved without major incident.

Traveller Eviction in Peterborough

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