Traveller Eviction Oxford

Case Study Oxford

We recently received an early morning call from a landowner. He needed travellers / gypsies evicted from his land in Oxford.

The Problem

The site had previously been a public house. It had closed some time ago and the site had planning permission for a fast food outlet.

Demolition of the pub was about to start. If the travellers were not moved the demolition and building would be delayed. And that was going to cost all concerned money.

The landowner needed a solution, and fast.

The Solution

We discussed with the landowner the available options, and agreed a course of action to deal with the problem quickly and cost effectively.

As there were over 25 caravans on the site Quality Bailiffs assembled two large teams to ensure safe handling of the situation.

Our service team arrived at the site at 2pm and served the required notices to leave on the travellers. However the travellers did not move as required.

We reviewed the situation with the landowner and decided to undertake the actual eviction the next day. It was hoped this approach would encourage the travellers to leave without having to evict them.

The following day we assembled the eviction team and attended with the Police to carry out the eviction.

The travellers were determined to stay so we had to call out the tow trucks to remove them. Once the tow trucks arrived the travellers agreed to move.

By 5.30pm the travellers had moved on. A very successful traveller eviction in Oxford.

Traveller Eviction in Oxford

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