Traveller Eviction London

Case Study London

We have recently helped the landowner of a small retail park in London.

The landlord had 8 caravans of travellers encamped upon his car park in London that had turned up a couple of days ago.

It was causing the retail businesses based on the park to complain.

The travellers were not really causing a nuisance as such but the kids were playing in the car park which caused a health and safety problem with cars in and out of the car park.

They were also staring to dump rubbish in the form of tree cuttings and general waste in the car park.

We were instructed at 09.30 and by 12.30 we had two bailiffs on site serving notices on the travellers.

By 18.00 that evening they had gone.

We recommend a specialist cleaning company to the client and they arrived during the night to clean the mess up.

Traveller Eviction in London

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