Food Van Eviction Derby

Case Study Derby

We have recently helped the landowner of chain of retail shop in Derby.

The shops were often in out of town locations with a car park. They had a problem with a food outlet caravan.

The Problem

A food van caravan had parked in the shop car park and started trading. They left the caravan in the car park overnight. They did not have the permission of the landlord to trade or to leave the caravan in the car park.

The landlord had instructed a solicitor to serve a letter on the person running the food van to stop trading. The person ignored the letter and continued to trade.

The Solution

We discussed with the shop owner the various methods of dealing with the issue. It was decided the quickest way of doing this was by Quality Bailiffs serving notice on the food van to leave the car park.

The food van owner took no notice and continued to trade and leave the caravan in the car park overnight.

The following day our enforcement team went to the car park and removed the caravan to a safe storage location.

The owner of the caravan had to pay to get it released.

The food van owner decided not to return to the car park.

Trespasser Eviction in Derby

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