Traveller Eviction Crawley

Case Study Crawley

We have recently helped the landowner of a small industrial estate in Crawley deal with travellers camped on the car park.

Unwanted visitors

Monday morning the Landlord received a phone call from one of his tenants complaining about travellers camped in the car park. They had arrived over the weekend when all the businesses were closed. There were two caravans and three vehicles.

The tenants were concerned that it would put off any customers visiting them. They were also a potential security risk.

The landlord visited the estate and spoke with the travellers. They claimed they were resting and would be gone soon. He had also spoken with the local authority traveller liaison officer and the local police.

A few days later and the travellers were still there, and did not appear as if they were in any hurry to move.

The tenants were becoming more concerned with the accumulating mess of rubbish, and the affect on their businesses.

Something needed to be done, and quickly.

The solution

The landlord contacted Quality Bailiffs. Could we help?

We talked through the options available for dealing with the travellers. It was decided the quickest method to move the travellers on was to use Common Law.

We were instructed to proceed. Later the same afternoon two Enforcement Agents visited the site and served notice on the travellers to leave the site.

The next morning the travellers left.

As part of our completion report to the landlord we recommended improvements to the site security to discourage this happening again.

Traveller Eviction in Crawley

If you need Traveller Eviction in Crawley then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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