Traveller Eviction in Cardiff


A recent client of ours arrived at his office to start work one morning and noticed four caravans outside of his business parked across the parking bays. There were also ten travellers in total, both men and women.

He asked what they were doing and they replied saying that they were doing nothing wrong and for him to go inside. His staff also received similar remarks when they arrived.

Traveller eviction in Cardiff

He went inside and tried to ignore what was happening but after a few hours and no clients of his own visiting it was obvious the travellers directly outside were having a detrimental impact on his business.

He went outside in the late afternoon and asked them politely to leave. They all got quite aggressive and stated that they wouldn’t be going anywhere unless he paid them £500 per caravan to leave.

He obviously did not want to part with £2000 but considering how much business he had already lost that day, and that himself and his staff felt threatened, he thought it would be a quick and easy solution to the problem.

At first it seemed like it was, as upon receipt of the money they left straightaway.

However, when he arrived at work the next day there were two caravans there again!

As a company we have heard of the original group speaking about what had happened and then different groups of travellers arriving in the hope that they can also receive payments to leave. But this time it was the same group, no different to the previous day. They had left for a few hours and waited for him to leave the vicinity and then returned in the evening.

This time they were demanding £1,000 per caravan to leave his premises. And that’s when he picked up the phone and called our office. We provided a quote within minutes to provide an ‘instant eviction’. With this kind of eviction we aim to remove the trespassers within two/three hours.

Once they knew they couldn’t extort him more than once they moved on quite rapidly. We also helped this client with the installation of a height barrier to prevent issues like this happening again in future.

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