Traveller Eviction Bromley

Case Study Bromley

A group of travellers had set up camp on land adjacent to and owned by a local church.

The church had been more than accommodating to the travellers and had given them food and let them use a water supply.

The Problem

The travellers had been on the land for over a week and showed no signs of moving. They kept making promises but not going anywhere.

Could we help the church move the travellers on?

The Solution

After discussing this with the church it was agreed to use common law to move them on.

Quality Bailiffs served papers on the travellers on the Friday morning. They were required to vacate the land by the Monday morning, which gave then the weekend to do so.

Monday morning and the travellers had not left, and showed no signs that they were intending to leave.

An Quality Bailiffs team was sent to the site, and a tow truck brought in to tow the travellers off.

To prevent a breach of the peace the Police were called.

The situation became very heated, and the Police decided to invoke the powers of Section 61 of the The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and ordered them to leave.

The travellers trespassing in Bromley left. And the church got their land back.

Traveller Eviction in Bromley

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