Land Possession in Cardiff


As local bailiffs in Cardiff we were recently instructed by a Cardiff solicitor to take possession of a large parcel of land and a farm near Cardiff. The property was occupied by a tenant who had not paid any rent for over a year and had left. Squatters had then moved in.

Trespasser eviction from land in Cardiff


The solicitor of the property owner had gained a possession order in the County Court and then transferred it to the High Court. The High Court had issued a Writ of possession to authorise an eviction and gain vacant possession of the land near Cardiff.

Our eviction team based at our Cardiff office serves all of South and Mid Wales and provides the services of High Court Enforcement, Traveller Eviction and Horse Removal, Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), Forfeiture of Lease and other Bailiff and enforcement services.

Recovering the Property

The eviction team attended the property first to do a risk assessment. This is essential to identify any issues and to plan the job.

The team found that there were several people occupying the property and they had numerous animals including 4 Alpacas, 9 Horses, 12 chickens and 6 geese.

The team re attended a few days later with the necessary strength and resources to do this eviction service in Cardiff. The team evicted the squatters and though most of the animals were removed by them they left behind 3 horses.

Horse removal in Cardiff

The abandoned horses were then removed by our horse bailiff team. They were not in good condition so the horses were initially taken to a vet for treatment before being successfully re-homed.

There was lots of other equipment and old vehicles including old caravans left on the property which the team completed a torts inventory for and issued a Torts notice.

The client was happy with the response times and the result is another great success story for our Cardiff bailiff team.

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