Gypsy Eviction York

Case Study York

The Problem

The phone call started with “I am in need of your same day service”. The caller was the facilities manager of a large Plc. He needed travellers removed from its distribution depot in York. Could we help?

The travellers had arrived in the night and had brought about 15 caravans to the site. They had not caused any damage at that stage but were causing disruption to operations by simply being there.

The client had asked the Police to help but other than have a quite word, which was ignored, there was little they could do without bailiff action.

The Solution

This is s familiar situation for us. We talked through the options and time frames with the facilities manager.

Once the official instruction was given we had a team on site later that same day and served notice on the travellers at the York depot to evict them at 08:00 the following day.

The travellers were quite abusive and threatening and refused to move when we approached them during the serve. We knew we had to be prepared for a difficult eviction the next day.

The following day at 08.00 a large team was assembled and attended the site along with the Police. We brought along a security dog team to assist.

After two hours the site in York was cleared. The dog team remained in place until the client could secure the site with concrete blocks to prevent a further occurrence.

Good result for gypsy eviction in York.

Gypsy Eviction in York

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