Gypsy Eviction South London

Case Study south London

We recently received a call from a local council official late one afternoon advising us that they needed travellers / gypsies evicted from land in south London. Could we help?

The problem

The council had problems with travellers parking up on council owned land. They caused issues with the local population, and left a considerable mess behind when they finally moved.

They had been spending lots of money and time getting court orders to move them on. And then lots of money clearing up the sites after they had gone.

Was there another way to get them moved? And to get them moved quickly so reducing the clear-up cost?

The solution

We arranged a telephone conference with one of our eviction specialists and arranged to do the eviction under common law.

Local authorities have some extra duties placed upon them under the Human Rights Act to ensure there are no genuine welfare issues before using common law. However, the method is available to them as landowners.

We despatched bailiffs to the site in south London that same evening to serve notice that an eviction would take place at 8.30am the following morning.

The next day our team leader was contacted by the council at 7.30am to say the travellers had packed up and left early that morning.

A successful outcome in less than 24 hours.

Gypsy Eviction in South London

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