Gypsy Eviction Milton Keynes

Case Study Milton Keynes

We took a call one morning from the chairman of a parish council near Milton Keynes. The chairman wanted us to evict some gypsy travellers from land in Milton Keynes belonging to the parish council.

The Problem

Two traveller caravans had turned up some days prior and parked on the council land in Milton Keynes. They had promised to leave if given a day or two.

The parish council, not wanting to cause a fuss, waited a few days. But the travellers did not leave. In fact another caravan joined them.

They had got the police to visit them, and the traveller liaison officer from the county council had also talked with them. Despite various promises, six days had gone by and they were still there, and causing causing a problem to local residents.

The Solution

Quality Bailiffs was asked to evict these travellers. We arranged for bailiffs to attend a few hours later and serve the travellers notice to leave by the following morning.

In preparation we put a team on standby for the next day to evict the travellers. In the end the team was not needed.

We had a call from the chairman of the parish council at 7am the following morning to say they had packed up and gone. He was delighted.

Another successful eviction of travellers from Milton Keynes.

Gypsy Eviction in Milton Keynes

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