Gypsy Eviction Lincoln

Case Study Lincoln

As a landowner you always have to be on the alert for travellers parking on your land. It can be a difficult task to get them to move. But sometimes a polite and firm request can do the trick.

Taking Advantage

We received a call from a landowner early one morning advising us that they needed travellers / gypsies evicted from their land in Lincoln.

They had previously had travellers park on the land a number of times. In the past they had agreed with them that they could rest up for a few days and then move on. All was well and they did move on.

This time they had agreed the same arrangement with the travellers. They could stay for a few days, and then they were expected to move.

But on this occasion it had not worked out. Five days after arriving the travellers were still there and were showing no sign of moving on.

The owner of the land in Lincoln needed to evict the travellers quickly so that others were discouraged from joining them.

The Solution

We arranged a telephone conference that morning between the landowner and one of our eviction specialists where we could discuss the options and determine the approach to be taken.

It was decided to serve notice on the travellers to leave that day. It was hoped that they would comply so avoiding an eviction.

At 1:30pm out local eviction team arrived and served notice on the travellers.

Our approach is to be firm and polite to minimise the possibility that tempers become raised. We sent the team, rather than one person, to show we were serious.

It worked. Within 2 hours the travellers had moved on without incident.

Gypsy Eviction in Lincoln

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