Fast Track Eviction


New Eviction Service for Local Housing Authorities

Supreme Court ruling opens way for Local Housing Authorities to evict in cases involving temporary accommodation

Where local authorities have put people up in temporary accommodation pending a homelessness review decision, the process of getting an order for possession from the County Court is an expensive and time consuming process.

Financial Burden

The process to obtain a warrant of possession places additional pressure and financial burdens on cash strapped local authorities.

The delay until a warrant of possession can be obtained by the Local Housing Authority and the Certificated Enforcement Agent can execute it can be upto 5 months after the decision has been made, for example, that the tenants had made themselves deliberately homeless.

This is now an unnecessary delay and expense.

Supreme Court Ruling

Quality Bailiffs has launched a new fast track eviction process following the decision of the Supreme Court in R (ZH and CN) v London Borough of Newham and London Borough of Lewisham [2014] UKSC 62.

The decision by the Supreme Court was that local housing authorities are not required to apply for possession orders in cases involving temporary accommodation pending a homelessness review decision.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has a national team of experienced Local Certificated Enforcement Agents ready to carry out temporary accommodation evictions within days of a decision being made.

As these people would now be classed as having “excluded tenancies and licences” under “The Protection from Eviction Act 1977” a possession order is no longer required.

Quality Bailiffs will attend and serve the required notices on the occupiers, then later attend to evict on the eviction date.

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